How Has Magento Changed Customer Experience After Being Acquired by Adobe?

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How Has Magento Changed Customer Experience After Being Acquired by Adobe?

On the aspect of Adobe acquiring the eCommerce specialist Magento, there has been a lot of speculation across the industry about what this means for both the customers and the company itself. Two things that are clear is the fact that this movie will make Adobe a worthy competitor to Oracle Salesforce as well as this ends up securing the customer experience loop for Adobe. All in all, Magento to Adobe is quite a leap forward for most commerce customers out there. The good news is that Adobe has quite a long history of efficiently taking certain acquisition moves and managing to integrate the technology into its own system.

Most of the top-notch services and companies out there have always strived to engage their customers on a personal level in real-time, react quickly to their changing needs as well as improve their experience based on insights. In the tumultuous world of business, the newer services also need to follow suit in the best possible way. With enough business, in general, being able to tap into the broader abilities of Adobe Analytics and Adobe Experience Cloud through the Adobe Experience Platform Connector, things only look sunny on the horizon. To get a better idea of this, let us look at some of the key aspects in Magento commerce with regard to customer experience:

Launching powerful behavioral analytics

Now, this will certainly give you a complete and thorough understanding of customer behavior and with the help of the Adobe Experience Platform Launch extension, one can easily integrate Adobe Analytics. Here, you will be able to deploy the tag management that will lead to the flow of data between Magento commerce and Adobe Analytics. There is nothing better than bringing all the solutions together.

Expanding the customer reach

With the availability of Amazon Sales Channel, you will be able to expand your footprint to the Amazon marketplace with relative ease. With the advantage of quick integration, the Magento admin can become the central hub for all the Amazon marketplace activities. This, in turn, will also reduce operational fiction as well as added integration costs.

The speeding up of content updates

This is a true blessing as marketers are in urgent need of updating their online site experience on a more frequent and quicker level than ever before. Not only will the shopping experience become ten times faster, but there will be no need for developer support or any creative limits.

Expanding the aspect of global inventory management

With the help of Magento Order Management, enough businesses out there will have all the advantages of certain key aspects like exception management for payments, further granular permissions and roles as well as multi-payment tender workflows. Additionally, the aspects of microservices architecture and a fully dedicated staging environment will also be taken care of thoroughly.

Now, one can be sure of the fact that Adobe is all set to raise the bar of expectations all throughout the journey of the customer with the help of innovative technology. Plus, there is also the transactional element that has been added. The answer to the question of just how high the bar can go when it comes down to a fully immersive and personalized experience in the case of both B2C and B2B experience has been predicted to be very high.

With all the excitement about this new development spreading across the market is all well and good, it would be wise to understand that we still don’t know what we don’t know. It is as simple as that. Only time will tell whether Adobe acquiring Magento was a good thing for everybody concerned. Sure, we can predict what will happen in the future to a certain extent by assessing the current situation thoroughly and from all angles, but that certainly does not mean that our predictions will be spot on. In this regard, a wait and watch policy is the best way to go.

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