Android File Transfer Not Working? Here’s How to Fix It!

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Android File Transfer Not Working? Here’s How to Fix It!

Android File Transfer Not Working – Causes and Solutions

The incompatibility between iOS or macOS devices and Android is not a new thing. Due to a fierce competition between the tech giants behind these operating systems, the users often face difficulties when it comes to transferring data from one OS to the other. However, the issue of Android file transfer not working on Mac is, by far, the most common. Keep reading to know what to check and how to solve this inconvenience for good.

What to Do when Android File Transfer Isn’t Working?

Unfortunately, Android not connecting to Mac can be caused by lots of factors. But don’t panic just yet, we’re giving you a list of things to check when this happens. Most times the phone is not in the file transfer mode or it’s simply down to faulty cables or USB ports. However, it third party apps can also interfere with the Android – MacBook connection.

  • Make sure your phone is in “File Transfer Mode” – this is the number 1 cause for Android not connecting to Mac. When you plug the smartphone, get a window where you need to choose the connection type. Always make sure it’s in File Transfer mode otherwise it will never work. In case you don’t get the pop-up window, go to the notifications bar and tap the one saying “Charging device via USB” and choose File Transfer / Android Auto.
  • Always use the original USB cable that came with the phone – another extremely common reason for Mac not recognizing Android is the use of damaged or inadequate cables. You should only use the one that came with the phone and if that’s the case and you still have issues, check for cuts, bends, or freys as you may need a new one.
  • Switch USB ports – as odd as it may sound, it’s a solution to use Android File Transfer that works for lots of users. If the USB cable is in good condition, there’s a big chance the USB port is damaged so you should try another one.
  • Reboot both devices – it may be the biggest cliche in IT but rebooting your phone and Mac can give you the solution when you just cannot connect.Especially if other apps are interfering with the connection or some processes aren’t properly functioning due to prolonged use.

MacDroid – the Solution for Android Phone Not Showing up on Mac

If you simply don’t want to guess what’s wrong with Android File Transfer and why it keeps crashing, there’s an even better solution available! Instead of going through all the steps presented above and still not fixing the issue, you can simply use MacDroid. This app will enable file transfer on Android for your Mac in three simple steps. No more time wasted when you can’t transfer files to Android – mount any device as a disk on your Mac and easily move entire folders no matter the data inside!

Using MacDroid to connect Android to Mac is a straightforward process. Just install the app on your Mac, make sure you have the phone’s USB cable and follow these steps:

  • Connect the Android Device using the USB cable – open MacDroid, go to Devices and connect the phone.
  • Allow Access to the Android Device – check your phone for a pop-up and select “File Transfer” if prompted.
  • Click on your Android device under “Device list” – on the left side of MacDroid’s interface, you will see the newly connected device. Click on it and then press mount and you will access it as a drive on your Mac.

With MacDroid you will never have to worry about the phone not responding or any other interruptions. You can access the internal and external storage of the connected Android device and edit files without having to copy them on the computer.


In case you were still having trouble with Android File Transfer not working on Mac, that’s a thing of the past now. After reading our article, you know how to troubleshoot this annoying situation. And if you don’t want to waste time and energy replacing USB cables, trying different ports, or restarting the devices, MacDroid is the only solution you’ll ever need.

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