10 Android Trends to Expect this 2019

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10 Android Trends to Expect this 2019

If you would think about 2018 and the type of advancements that were released that year, a lot of experts will say that it was a very productive year. A lot of people are looking forward to 2019 simply because they know that there are going to be more trends that will be released. People are always looking for Android app development because they want to know what changes will possibly occur this year and the coming years.

If you want to make sure that your own app will be one of those that people will notice when they check out the Play Store, you need to know what the current trends are. This will be very helpful for you because you can provide the current trends that your target market consider to be special.

Trends to Look Forward To this 2019

1. Apps will bask in on the Blockchain Technology

It is evident that more and more applications are seeing the benefits of blockchain technology and are integrating it slowly into their apps. There are a lot of major institutions and investors that have gotten a lot of benefits in the process.

There are some people who are speculating that this will probably be the new norm by the year 2024 but as of now, there are some mobile apps that are being designed to handle this one day. The more accessible this is, the better.

2. More artificial intelligence and machine learning is expected

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are nothing new. This has been done even before but this time, they have to be integrated into the Android apps that are being released in order to help people realize that they can capture some events real time with these features that are available on their apps.

3. More on-demand apps will be available

There are a lot of services that people need right now and these services can be offered easily by the Android apps that will be released or updated this 2019. These apps will allow people to get the services that they want when they already need it. This was actually a trend that started out in the year 2017. It became accepted more by people in the year 2018 and it is expected to surge even further in the long run.

4. Chatbots

There are a lot of businesses right now who would like to offer immediate customer care services to their customers. They can make this possible with the use of chatbots. If they have their own application, the chatbots are expected to provide the services that customers may want for the company. This can make resolving issues far easier as compared to before when people have to wait for a long time to get noticed.

5. Instant app trends will be appreciated

There are instances when you would like to have the ability to access certain websites without downloading their applications. You may not want to download the apps because you find them too big and you may not have enough space on your phone anymore. The best thing that you can do is to get instant apps.

Instant apps will allow you to download the apps that you want in parts. This will make downloading fast and easy. You will be able to access the part that you want. People usually want to access only some of the things that they need.

6. App security will be strengthened

There are still a lot of people who are concerned about how secure their apps are. They will only provide their important information when they are checking out apps that they can trust. Apps will make it a point to improve the security of their app to make sure that customer’s information will not be under threat.

It is expected that there will be more security updates that will be available so that interactions can be safer and easier as compared to before.

7. Better Android in-app payments are expected

commerce is nothing new in today’s world but there is always room for improvement. This time, the Android in-app payments will make it a point to make it easier for people to pay for the items that they have purchased online through the apps that they have checked. People also have more payment options now as compared to before.

It is expected this 2019 that there will be more people who will make sure that they will make their payments through their mobile apps and even through their wearable devices like Android watches. The in-app payments can now be completed in a secure manner. People do not have to worry about their information spreading and being used by other people for their own personal purposes.

8. Do some in-app searches easily

Who says that in-app searches would need to be done outside the app? A lot of Android apps will make sure that in-app searches can be done in an easier and faster manner. This means that you can search the content of the app through the search bar. For example, you are checking out a shopping app and you want to find a certain item. Just type in the keyword of the item you are looking for on the search bar within the app and the results will already be available to you. Just imagine how convenient this can be when you do not have a lot of time to look for something.

9. Improved app architectures are expected

This simply means that the best practices in creating a mobile app can be followed to make sure that you will have applications that will be considered very useful by your target audience. This will allow you to create mobile apps that are unique and very helpful. This means that there is no room for any confusion anymore when building the right app. Of course, the Android app development cost should still be considered.

10. Android apps for work

There was a time when only iOS apps are expected to be used by different companies but as time goes by, Android has shown that it also has some unique apps that can definitely be used. You can build an app that will make it possible for different companies to control all aspects of their organization easily. This is expected to become even more needed this year and the coming years.

It is evident that 2019 is a year for Android applications to be developed and improved. Yet, there are also new things that Android apps can offer. If you are an app developer, take note of the trends that are expected to rise within the rest of the year. You can always analyze first and develop what you think will be impressive and will be needed by people.

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