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Begin to Use Your Phone for 100% Being a Student

Smartphone in the classroom could be a distraction, but the powerful pocket computer can also be an invaluable assistant in modern classes. The current curriculums are not adopted to the digitalization age, and that is the part of the problem because the programs can’t keep up with technology advancements. Both teachers and students need to learn how to use smartphones efficiently. For students, smartphone service can enhance academic life, helping with time management, learning, and as a powerful digital assistant.

You could use smart apps for your smartphone or use the device to access online resources. Some smartphone learning strategies can benefit both the teachers and the students and lead to a more efficient and engaging learning experience. Using a smartphone as a tool for school does not include disrespectful and distraction apps, cause a mobile phone can be an entertainment hub.

Use a smartphone to become a better student

The smartphone is a powerful device, but to use all of its advanced features, students need to have a great phone plan. The best cell phone plan should have enough data in the first place. This is essential to the way new generation use communication on smartphones. You will still need to have great Talk and Text options, with SMS being the least important in the age of Whats App and Viber. Your phone plan should include decent coverage option and attractive phone prices. Choosing the right plan can be demanding, so we found an excellent guide that can help you with this task.

Smart Apps for Your Smartphone

Students are often overwhelmed with classes, homework, and extracurricular activities and productive social life. A smartphone can be your organization assistant with the help of study organization apps. Outside of a great planner, several applications can help you turn your smartphone for being a 100% student.

1. Grammarly Keyboard

Grammarly is an app that connects desktop text editor with grammar, punctuation, and style corrections with a mobile version that is basically another Android or iOS keyboard that will correct your writing. Grammarly is in its free version one of the most popular spellings and grammar checking apps. If you want to upgrade to professional essay proofreading or to write you can go to Edubirdie or look for a freelance writer on various platforms.

2. Pcalc

For all iOS users, Pcalc is the best calculator app that you can get and a worthwhile upgrade from a native app. This scientific calculator has more options and hidden features like %off what is and similar functions that can serve as a shortcut to getting things done.

3. Photomath

If you want more than just a calculator, Photomath is among the best overall math apps that recognize the handwriting and another type of text and solves even the complex math problems and offers the path to the solution.

4. RescueTime

To turn your cell phone in a student tool, you could use distraction blocking apps like RescueTime. This app works on Android, iOS, but also on desktop operating systems like Windows, macOS, and Linux, and it tracks your productivity while blocking distracting sites at the same time. You can check other apps that can help you focus and block distractions.

5. Evernote

Evernote is a Swiss army knife type of app that can keep your lists, take notes, voice record, and be to-do manager. There are many layers to Evernote, but getting to know advanced features can be rewarding. Some of the best features include great OCR.

6. Google Drive/Dropbox

Cloud storage is a great way always to have your classroom materials, essays, and other school-related digital files with you. Both services offer a seamless syncing with files available instantly on multiple devices even for offline viewing. Google Drive has an edge because of the Android ecosystem native integration and because it has a robust mobile office suite that accompanies the cloud storage options.

7. Duolingo

Duolingo is the most popular and free language learning app that doesn’t require a user account and has many ways to learn with gamification features. Apps work on Android, iOS, and Windows. The idea is to connect text, pictures, and audio to get a grip on a new language. Every new lesson is more demanding. Duolingo is a great app for building vocabulary and learning sentence structure.

Cell phone classroom tips

Smartphones learning strategies can empower teachers to create multimedia lectures. Recording a lesson is a part of the “Flipped Classroom” strategy. The idea is to use video or audio so students can listen instead of their homework or as a complementary material when studying, or as classic learning material. The role of a smartphone is pivotal since there are several multimedia apps for running a video. The best choice would be a YouTube app, and the teacher can open a channel with lectures and additional content.

Another class-related strategy is to use smartphones for tracking answers from students via This web app is free up to 30 users.

Mobile phones could and are used for delivering digital curriculum materials. One of the platforms that enable such collaboration is School Town. Besides providing materials, the platform offers a discussion area where students and teachers can chat, which makes it interactive and advanced.

Other ways modern smartphone features could be utilized in a classroom include on the fly research; social media use like a dedicated Twitter feed, text messaging as a reminder, use of a calendar app and video and photo abilities that can make homework more interactive and exciting.


The smartphone could help you become a better student. The first step is to choose your phone plan for college student wisely and focus on most used options (data or talk). You should find a way to use smartphone and block distractions, and then learn how to use cell phones as learning tools. We found some of the best apps in the sea of endless educational apps.

The smartphone is a personal computer that can enhance collaboration between teachers and students and can help with learning tactics within the classroom and in student study sessions.

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