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Best Apps to Work with Documents for Android

Technology has truly revolutionized the way we go about our lives, how we learn and how we work. The office life is no exception here — many useful devices and problem-solving apps have changed the daily routine of an office worker, and they have changed it for better. Everything has become much easier. Employees are now free of many annoying and time-consuming tasks or they have at least become faster and less frustrating to fulfill.

Are you an employer who wonders if his workers can be happier, therefore more effective? Maybe you’re an employee who feels like there’s still much to improve in your workplace and you need some ideas that you will be able to pass to your boss? Or you just want to organize yourself better because you’re a freelancer and you struggle? It doesn’t matter if you can’t afford a new computer; even phones are enough to introduce very much needed changes these days. Here are some of the best apps that can be used on Android that will make your documents management smoother and easier:

1. FaxBurner

People may think that fax machines are no longer needed but most companies still rely on this kind of technology — not everything can be simply sent by email and regular mail is definitely too slow for today’s rushing world. The problem is that fax machines are often unreliable — you can spend hours struggling to send a couple of pages, let alone more extensive document. It’s not an issue here; FaxBurner uses the internet to send your fax as an email and lets you store everything on your device. It’s also highly safe — thanks to its transport layer security protocols, you don’t have to worry about data-stealing hackers.

2. Quip

It’s a relatively new app but it’s been gaining users since its very beginning and there’s a reason for that. First of all, it’s one of the few apps that are completely free, no matter how long and for what you use it. It’s also probably the best option if you work on the same document with other people — there’s a chat available when you can discuss changes as they go without quitting the document window. Apart from that, you may use support for spreadsheets, sync everything across different devices, work offline and export documents in various ways. It works in the cloud, too, so you can store documents without cluttering your device.

3. Google Docs

This is probably a must-have for every office that creates and edits a lot of different documents. It works with Google Drive so everything is stored in the cloud, you can access it at any time and from any device. If you make a document or an excel sheet, you can control who can edit it, what changes are being made and by whom and who can only be a viewer. It also allows you to see various files and convert them to Google Docs format in order to make some changes. Plus, it’s easy to add comments inside documents to leave some notes for your colleagues.

Google Docs is free to download and use, and it works offline as well (only your changes may be visible to others later). In fact, it may be worth installing the whole Google Drive set — apart from Google Docs, it offers PDF viewer, Google Sheets, Google Slides and the drive to store everything you may ever need. It’s all free unless you want to have more storage space.

4. Evernote

It’s an app widely known as a note-taking app but it can help you manage your documents in many different ways. It lets you scan your documents by using the camera on your device, edit all kinds of files (texts, videos, audios) and attach photos and various other things while editing. The app can help you organize and plan your work, share it with others and access all of it across many devices. A paid premium option allows you to, among other things, annotate PDF files, digitize business cards and upload even more.

5. WPS Office

It’s one of the most popular office apps right now and it’s completely free. It allows you to edit over 20 different kinds of formats and save them in PDF. Thanks to the built-in documents manager, you can have access to the cloud, file storage, tight email integration, and many more. It also supports outside Bluetooth keyboard shortcuts, shared play and work using Wi-Fi, and various different documents and presentations editing features.

It’s never too late to make yours (or your employees’) life easier. Research shows that a happier worker is a more productive and effective one – after all, it’s what you should aim for, no matter if you’re an employer or one of the workers. These are only a few of the many apps which work on the Android system and can help you organize your work. And they all are definitely worth trying.

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