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6 Best Course Apps for Android

One of advantages of having a courses app installed in Android device is that we can learn anywhere we want without having to stuck inside the room. We can access the app in the park, coffee shop, garden. Anywhere.

Most people may tend to make quick searches on Google to get to know of what they are curious about. But, if you want to learn deeper over something it’s better to learn directly from the masters. In the internet you can find online courses which allow you to learn new skill or enhance the one that you have been learning to. Most online courses also provide an Android app to enable you learn from anywhere while lying in the bed or sitting in your favorite coffee shop.

Here are the best 6 courses app for Android that you can try.

1. Udacity

If you want to be a master in the tech field you can try considering Udacity. It’s one of the famous online courses focusing on tech field. You can select specific skill such as Java programming, data analyst, web design and lots more. Apart from web, the service also available on Android which allow you to learn anywhere you want. Is internet connection required? Not too.

You can download the lessons to your device to view them while traveling to the remote location with no internet connection. Your progress will be synced once you get back online. This app is free to download and can run on Android 4.1 or higher.

2. EdX

EdX is also a popular online course. Unlike Udacity, edX features more fields and there are tens of subjects where you can be a master in. You will be taught by instructors from famous universities and institutes like Harvard, MIT, Microsoft and lots more. You will be provided some materials including videos for every subject you enroll in. The videos can also be downloaded in order the be viewed offline.

EdX itself is a non profit project founded by Harvard University and MIT in 2012. The Android app of edX can run on Android 4.0 or higher. The app also features basic quizzes and exams to test what you have learnt.

3. Coursera

Coursera is also a great source to find online course. This website has over 1000 courses from fields like business, computer science, match, language and lots more. The Android app of Coursera is also available for free and can run in any version of Android. The courses are handled by trusted mentors from famous universities like Stanford, Duke University, University of Michigan and lots more. The online course service also has about 120 partners worldwide.

Some courses in Coursera may requires a subscription charge. If you find this kind course, then you can choose whether to pay for the full course at once, or pay in installments for the classes. Most courses can be downloaded for offline viewing. Coursera will award you with a certificate once you are done with the course you take.

4. Udemy Online Courses

If you more comfortable taking a paid course rather than free ones, Udemy will be a nice choice. All courses available in Udemy are requires you to pay. There are over 45,000 courses available in Udemy from fields like business, finance, programming, language, entrepreneurship and lots more. You can choose specific subject where you want to be a master in. The price of each course are vary.

Most courses in Udemy focus on skill based learning. This is great if you want to enhance your skill to become a master in your field. Udemy comes with an easy payment method. It offers in app purchases, so you don’t have to give your credit card number.

5. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is another free online course service to help you enhance your skill or learn something new. Every subject in Khan Academy is divided into some topics which range from beginner to expert. Khan Academy doesn’t require you to subscribe for online lectures. All topics in Khan Academy Android app are arranged neatly to ease anyone broswe and learn any subject they want.

Despite free, Khan Academy provide good quality in terms of lesson. You will be given supporting materials including videos to make your course process be more fun.

6. LinkedIn Learning

Most people know LinkedIn as a professional social network. Only few people know that LinkedIn also has an online course platform to let the users enhance their skills. Same as Udemy, LinkedIn Learning is also a fully paid course platform. Most courses in this platform related to digital marketing, but other topics also available including leadership, management, finance and lots more.

In LinkedIn Learning you can opt for a monthly subscription of $29.99 rather than pay individually per course like other paid course platform.

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