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How To Create A Time-lapse Video on Android

Did you ever seen a video that contains something move so quickly? Like a cloud, for instance. The video is called time-lapse. You may think that creating a time-lapse video require a DSLR camera. Sorry, bro but you are totally wrong. You can even create time-lapse video using your Android device

The evolution of camera technology in every Android device is rising rapidly. It allows us to produce a better photo and video using Android device, in this case is smartphone. Now, with the help from a time-lapse maker app we can take a simple time-lapse video using our Android device

There are the number of time-lapse makers available in Google Play, including Lapse It. This app is extremely easy to use even if you have no photography background at all. Follow these steps to create a time-lapse video using Lapse It

  • Go to Google Play from your Android device and type “Lapse It” on the search field


  • Open your Lapse It app and you will get the following interface. As you can see, there are four menus available on the Lapse It interface and they have explained each function. Before get started to create a new time-lapse video you may want to take a look at the Settings menu. Just tap the menu to do it

lapse it

  • If you want to take a video immediately, just tap the “New Capture” menu and your Android phone will be turned into a camera mode. There will be 5 buttons available at the bottom. You can set some additional settings on the “More” menu including focus mode, flash mode, ISO mode, color effects and more. Once you done with your settings, tap the “Capture” red button. Hold your phone steadily. Once you done taking video, tap the “Stop” button

Picture (1)

  • Now, it’s time to render the video. Please note that the rendering process will take some minutes depending on how long you take the video. So, please be patient while your video is being rendered
  • Go to “Gallery” menu and choose the video you want to render. There will five menus right below the video. Tap the “Render” button and type the name of your video and then tab the “Create Video” button on the right bottom


  • Congratulation, you have created your first time-lapse video. Below is the example of time-lapse video taken with Lapse It

Please note that the maximum resolution available on free version of Lapse It is only 480p. In order get higher resolution you can upgrade for the pro version. To get the most out of Lapse It you want to follow these tips

  • Use tripod
  • Be sure your battery is fully charged
  • Buy the pro version
  • Try to add some settings


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