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9 Best Daily Checklist Apps for Android

Everyday we have so many tasks to do. Creating a checklist of things we have to do is good way to help us keep on track and productive. Not only for job-related tasks, you can also create a checklist for other things like shopping list, travel equipment to carry (if you love to traveling) and so on. Creating a checklist can help you ensuring you don’t miss anything.

Since we are living in the smartphone era, you can use a smartphone app to replace traditional paper to create daily checklist. And that’s most people do right today.

If you use Android, there are dozens options of daily checklist app you can install. Even your Android smartphone might already have one as one of the default apps. Below is the list of best daily checklist apps for Android.

1. Any.do

Any.do is a great app to make everything be more organized. Depends on your needs and creativity, you can use Any.do to create checklist for nearly anything. Workers can use it to create a checklist of today’s tasks to do, while moms can use it to create a checklist of items to buy before going to the grocery. Any.do is a popular daily checklist app. According to a brief description on its Google Play page, the app is used by about 20 million users. Any.do is great for personal use, but you can also use it to collaborate with others. You can create task lists on Any.do and assign them to your teammates. There are much things you can do with Any.do. It’s a great personal assistant. Any.do itself is a freemium app. You will always be able use it for free, but premium version is also available in case you need more features.

2. Todoist

Todoist is one of the biggest Any.do competitors, with over 10 million users. It is also a freemium app. Free version of Todoist is more than enough to cover your personal needs. You can use Todoist to create a checklist of today’s things to do for ensuring you not miss a thing. For a more complex use, you can also use Todoist as a task management tool just like Any.do. The availability of apps for desktop, smartphone and web allow you access your stuffs on Todoist from any device.

3. Wunderlist

Wunderlist is owned by Microsoft. And you know what?. There are some rumors stating that the company is going to kill Wunderlist to focus on Microsoft To-Do. But until it happen, you can still using Wunderlist as a standalone app for creating daily checklist. If you you think that Todoist and Any.do are too complex for a daily checklist app then Wunderlist is the best alternative. This tool comes with a simpler features and capabilities. In addition to personal use, you can also use Wunderlist as a collaboration tool by sharing the lists you have with friends or colleagues.

4. Microsoft To-Do

Microsoft To-Do is a little app that complement Microsoft ecosystem. If you use Microsoft products on your daily basis — like Windows, Office and OneDrive — then this app can be a great complementary. The team behind Microsoft To-Do is the same as Wunderlist. On the web version, the interface of Microsoft To-Do is extremely similar to Wunderlist. Microsoft has made this tool available on Google Play so you can install it your Android smartphone. Microsoft To-Do is simpler than Wunderlist. It’s completely free and designed for personal use.

5. TickTick

TickTick is a bit similar to Todoist where you can use it to create daily check lists as well as use it as a task management tool. TickTick is less suited for those who just need a simple tool to create daily checklists without taking further actions over the lists. Conversely, TickTick would be a great tool for those who need daily checklist app with fancy features like calendar, inbox and even analytics.

6. GTasks

All apps mentioned earlier above are cross-platform apps. Which means, the lists you created on Android can also be accessed via other platforms, including desktop and web. At the time of writing GTasks doesn’t have this sort of capability. However, this tool has supported sharing option. You can share lists with friends, families or colleagues if you think you need to share them. GTasks itself is also a freemium app. You can use this app for free, but premium version is also available with more advanced features.

7. Google Keep

Google Keep? Seriously?

Of course. Why not?. Although the native function of Keep is to taking note, (many believe that Google Keep is intended to be an Evernote competitor) but you can also use it to create daily checklists to keep your days be more organized. You can use Google Keep to create any list, from shopping list to today’s tasks list.

8. SplenDO

You will find no “SplenDO” on the Google Play. Instead, what you will find is “To Do List”. They are a single app. When you install “To Do List” from Google Play, it will turn into SplenDO once installed on your smartphone. SlendDO is a bit similar to GTasks. It offers neither desktop or web version. You can only access your lists on Android. SplenDO comes with a widget you can put on the home screen of you Android.

9. Simplest Checklist

Sometimes, all we need is just a simple app without miscellaneous features. Most checklist apps available today comes with complex features and capabilities. Simplest Checklist, as the name suggests, is something different. This tool has only a single capability; creating checklist. No other features and capabilities offered by this tool at all. Simple but useful. This sort of app sometimes is what we need. No ads, no frills, no confusing details. Just list.

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