How to Fix if the Android TV Remote Is Not Working?

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How to Fix if the Android TV Remote Is Not Working?

Android TVs are becoming an integral part of us today. You can stream your favorite sports, movies, and shows on them by connecting to the internet. You can also record, pause, and fast-forward your content.

Some Android TVs also offer games. You can connect streaming devices like Amazon Firestick, laptops, and mobile phones. You can also use features like voice control, dedicated buttons for YouTube, Prime Video, etc. You might also be wondering in using a Vizio TV and you also have problems how to fix it like an Android TV then there’s a lot of articles online on how to reset Vizio TV just like this article.

Several users complain about the Android TV’s remote. In this article, you’ll learn the steps you might need to follow to fix your Android TV’s remote, and if you have a TV, you may also need to hire a TV wall mount installation Toronto to get everything setup for you with your new Android TV.

What Can Go Wrong with Your Android TV Remote?

Like other similar devices, the Android TV remote can also stop working. One of the most common issues users experience is physical damage. Some of you might not experience the issues immediately after it damages.

Several users report malfunctioning of a remote a week or two after it took physical damage. You can also experience issues with the remote if its batteries are not working ideally. Moisture, excessive heat, and physical damage can damage the batteries resulting in a non-working remote.

You can also experience software issues that can give you trouble when you try to pair your remote with the TV. You can also experience problems with the IR sensor of the remote or the TV.

How to Fix if the Android TV Remote Is Not Working?

There are several steps you can perform to try fixing the Android remote. You can also follow common steps to resolve issues with other remotes like Amazon Firestick’s remote.

An Amazon Firestick is one of the most popular streaming devices and has several versions. All of them come with a remote, which can malfunction too. Some outlined common reasons for their malfunctioning are drained batteries, damaged buttons, pairing and compatibility issues, etc. You can also follow a dedicated guide to fix your Firestick’s remote.

You might want to follow these steps to fix your Android TV remote.

1) Confirm if the Issue is with the TV or Remote

You might need to restart the TV for that. You can restart your Android TV by unplugging the power socket from it as your remote is not working. You might want to wait 15-20 seconds before plugging the power socket again for the best results.

2) Check the Batteries

You might want to check the batteries after confirming that the issue is with the remote. Almost all Android TV remotes run on cells or batteries. You might want to check if the battery is working fine or is exhausted. An exhausted battery will not work and make your TV remote useless.

You might want to check if the IR sensor or the red/blue/green light on the top of the remote is blinking. You might also want to put the batteries on other devices before buying new ones. You might want to replace batteries with new ones if nothing works. Double-check if the new ones are ideally working.

3) Pair the Remote Again with a Button Combination

Most Android TV remotes use Bluetooth instead of IR to connect to the TV. Sometimes, these remotes get unpaired from the TV for no apparent reason. You might need to follow a button combination to pair it again in such a case.

Different TVs have different button combinations to pair and unpair the TV remote. You can follow the user manual of your TV if you still have it. Almost all user manuals are also available online, so you do not need to worry if you do not own a hard copy.

4) Use Another Device to Pair the Remote Again

You might want to connect a mouse to control the TV. You can connect it to the USB ports of the TV. Then, you might need to go to the settings option in the TV to add the remote control again. Make sure to follow all the displayed steps as accurately as you can.

5) Use an App to Control the TV

Several Android TVs have dedicated apps that can connect your phone to the TV. You can then use that phone as a remote to do all necessary tasks. These apps are easy-to-use and offer an uncluttered interface. You might want to give them a try if nothing else works.

6) Call Customer Care

The last thing you can try is troubleshooting with the help of a customer care executive. You can try your luck with the process (chat, call, or email). They can also send a new one to you if they can not troubleshoot the remote anymore.


You can follow as many troubleshooting steps, but when it’s time, it’s time. You might need to change the remote sooner or later after it starts malfunctioning.

Resetting everything (remote, TV, Bluetooth settings, etc.) might also be a great option as it usually works for everything.

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