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4 Best Google Analytics Apps for Android

Google Analytics is the first option when it comes to website analytic tools. Most webmasters use this tool because it’s free to use and gives us very detailed information regarding the statistic of a website we are handling. Most importantly, Google Analytics is very easy to install and requires no complex steps and resources.

Normally, webmasters will login to the Google Analytics dashboard on the web every time they want to check the current statistic of their websites. But did you know, you can also check your website statistic through your Android device, allowing you to keep updated over your website statistic anywhere you are, even when you are in the bath room (seriously).

Below are some options of Google Analytics apps for Android you can try.

1. Google Analytics

The first app you have to try is obviously Google Analytics itself. Google Analytics also offers an official app for Android to enable you to check your website statistics from your Android device, no matter where you are. Even so, this app seems not too popular since most Google Analytics users tend to comfortable accessing website statistic via web instead of mobile device.

The official Google Analytics app for Android allows you to check key metrics, compare date ranges and apply segments. You can also check the real-time data with this app.

2. Databox

Databox is not an analytic tool built exclusively for Google Analytics. It’s developed to work with other analytic platforms like Adobe Analytics, Salesforce, Hubspot, Optimizely, Mixpanel, Localytics and lots more. Databox service is not limited to analytics only. It also able to monitor your business KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) in a single place. You can integrate this tool with services from PayPal, Facebook Ads, Shopify, Twitter and so on.

3. gAnalytics

This app claims itself as one of the best Google Analytics apps for Android. The features and capabilities of this app is not too far from official app of Google Analytics. You can set the time period and find out the number of visitors, page views, bounce rate, new visits, all this data with the corresponding charts. Also you can compare your report and see it on the charts too.

gAnalytics is a great tool if you handle multiple accounts of Google since it also supports multiple profiles and multiple accounts.

4. Analytics Widgets

Analytics Widgets uses the different approach in helping you checking your website statistics. Like the name suggest, this app offers you some Android widgets that contain your website statistics like the number of visits, page views, currently active users, average visit duration and a lot more. Apart from widget, the statistics are also displayed in the lock screen of your Android smartphone. Analytics Widgets is paid app so you have to pay before using this useful tool.

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