How to Hide Your Private Photos from Gallery in Android

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How to Hide Your Private Photos from Gallery in Android

The technology of smartphone camera  is getting better and better. People are now tend to see for camera feature first every time they want to buy a new smartphone. If we want to talk honestly, the smartphone camera can’t entirely replace the role of DSLR or other kind of professional cameras. But, it’s more than enough for daily usage like capturing your gathering moment with your friends at the coffee shop, taking a selfie or share current traffic.

In Android, all of your shots will be automatically stored in the gallery along with other images you have had before. Smartphone is basically a kind of personal stuff but you might want to lend it to your girl/boy friend when you both having a moment at the park of coffee shop. You worried if your ugly or private photos get disclosed so you decided to hide some photos on your gallery.

Hiding photos from gallery in Android is extremely easy. There are some apps that can assist you but if you don’t want to throng with too many apps your phone you can also hide your photos without having to install any app at all. Just follow the steps below to do it.

Hide photos from gallery in Android

Before you begin to hide your photos in Android without assistance of any app, make sure your phone has a file manager since not all Android smartphones have this feature. You will need a file manager to create a new folder and move your photos.

  • Launch the file manager on your smartphone and create a new folder with the name starts with a dot symbol.

  • Still on the file manager, select photos you want to hide and move them to the newly created folder.

That’s all. The photos you have been moved into new folder will no longer displayed in the gallery. Why do this can happen?. Because Android is basically built with Linux. And in Linux a file/folder with the name started with dot symbol indicates that it’s a hidden file/folder and don’t be displayed in the file manager without activating the “Show Hidden Files” option.

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