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How to Listen to YouTube Music Without Video in Android

YouTube is not mere a place to enjoy video. It’s also a nice place to discover and enjoy musics from a variety of genres. If you are a music addict and often listen to your favorite songs on YouTube, chances are sometimes you think of is it possible to listen to music on YouTube without needing to watch the video? Sure, you can. In Android, you can use an application called Suamp.

Listening to YouTube music without video is a nice idea you can adopt if you want to save data usage since video is really bad when it comes to data consumption.

The way Suamp works is quite simple. When you open a certain YouTube video in this app, it will only retrieve the audio and ignore the video. You will still be able to see the thumbnail of the video you are listening the music of, but it — once again — won’t play the video. Here is how to use it.

First and foremost, you need to install the app of Suamp. The app is available on Google Play. You can get it here.

Once the Suamp app is installed, launch it on your Android phone. You will see several popular videos on YouTube based on your area. To enjoy your music collections, you can login with your YouTube account by tapping the three-line icon at the top-left and tap the No Youtube account link.

Select your YouTube account and tap the OK button.

You will need to make an authorization to allow Suamp to access your YouTube account. Just tap ALLOW at the bottom-left.

To import a playlists you have on YouTube, tap the three-line and select Import Private Playlist.

Select a playlist you want to import and tab the IMPORT button.

To enjoy the YouTube playlist you have imported, tab the three-line icon and select Playlists.

By now, you can enjoy your favorite music on YouTube without needing to watch the video. Suamp itself is not built specifically for YouTube. Instead, the app can also be used to play the music files you have on your Android device.

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