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7 Best Note-Taking Apps for Android

If you are a blogger or someone working with articles, note-taking app is a quite crucial. Your ideas could come anytime and when they arrived you don’t want to lose them. Right?.

In Android ecosystem you have a lot of options of note-taking apps to assist you storing the short or longer notes when the ideas suddenly pass through your head. A good note-taking app is the one that not just offers a mobile app but also feature a web app. The mobile app play a role to store the main idea of the article you want write while the web app is great to elaborate the writing frame.

Furthermore, a good note-taking app should also lets you to organize the notes you have taken easily. So, which is the best note-taking app you should choose?.

If you are an Android user, the list below is great to be considered.

1. Evernote

Evernote will always on the list when you are talking about note-taking app. This is one of the most-chosen apps to record the idea and it’s easy to say that it’s also one of the bests. Evernote has a clean interface and it’s feature-rich. You can install this app on your Android device to record any idea while you are on the go. Apart from text, the app also lets you to insert audios, images and other files.

Organizing notes become easier with Evernote as it’s comes with a notebook feature to allow you store the notes based on a certain topic. For instance, if you often use it to record your blog post ideas, you can name your notebook as “things to post” or anything. Evernote is also great for housewife to create a shopping list or storing recipes. Another good thing about Evernote is that it’s supported by other services so you can integrate and go further with your notes. Evernote also lets you to share your notes with other users or via email.

2. Google Keep

Many people say Google Keep is the closest competitor of Evernote. But, it’s actually not too. Google Keep has a different characteristic to Evernote. It’s designed for a simpler note. However, it doesn’t mean that Google Keep can’t cover your need of storing a longer note. You can even copy your short notes from Google Keep to Google Docs for further process. Since it’s one of the Google’s products you can integrate Keep with other Google’s services. Including Drive.

Google Keep also lets you to easily organize your notes through its label feature. You can use a different color for each kind of note you take for a better organization. You can also utilize Google Keep as a simple project management tool.

3. Dropbox Paper

Earlier this year (2017) Dropbox proudly announced the final release of Paper. What is that?

Dropbox Paper is projected to help Dropbox users working with text. It’s now become the integral part of Dropbox web. Dropbox also provides Paper as a standalone app for mobile devices including Android. Dropbox Paper is also a great tool for taking notes with or without images. Since it’s a Dropbox’s product surely it’s also integrated to Dropbox’s native service so once you created a note in Paper with your Android it will also available on Dropbox web.

Dropbox Paper is basically designed for a collaboration tool. That’s why it’s easy for your to add someone to join your note in Paper. Organizing notes in Paper is also quite easy.

4. Simplenote

Simplenote is developed by Automattic, Inc — a company behind WordPress. It’s also a great tool for taking notes in your Android. The app also provides a web app to make it be more convenient and helpful. As its name, this app is totally simple. You only be allowed to create text without any attachment whether it’s images, audio. Nothing. But, it’s handy enough if you want to create a blog draft or any text-related. The app also features a tag to allow you manage your notes.

5. Microsoft OneNote

The Microsoft’s products are not always available exclusively for Windows devices only. Some are also provided to other platform, including OneNote that is available for Android. Taking notes with OneNote also quite simple and effortless. So do with organizing. But, you need to create a Microsoft account first to get the more of it. OneNote is basically part of Microsoft Office suite but it’s also available as a standalone app in Android and available for free.

Each note in OneNote feels more like a paper note as well. Click anywhere inside a page, and you can start typing right there, even on the middle of the page. Drag in images and file attachments, then add highlights, notes, to-do lists and more anywhere on your page. You can even include audio, sketches, and videos in your notes. Sure, you can also integrate OneNote with Microsoft’s cloud storage service, OneDrive.

6. GNotes

You probably haven’t known this. GNotes is also a great option for taking simple notes in Android. GNotes is a bit similar to Evernote. It also comes with green as the identity. You can also utilize this app for taking a simple notes for storing your ideas. The Android app of GNotes allows you to attach images, audios, videos and other files. Additionally the Android app also supports handwriting to shape a free form.

To make it is easy for you organizing the notes, GNotes also features a notebook to gather the notes you have taken based on the category. GNotes is freemium app. While you can use this app for free, you can also register to paid plan to get more features like auto sync, local backup, full-size pictures, security lock and a lot more.

7. Zoho Notebook

Zoho Notebook is another great note-taking app for Android that is rarely mentioned. It doesn’t mean that this is a bad app. Otherwise, Zoho Notebook comes with its uniqueness. At the first launch you will be asked to give a name for a notebook to store your upcoming notes. The notebook has a nice-look just like a real notebook with a sleek cover. When you create another notebook you will have a new cover that is set randomly. You can put your notes to that notebooks based on each category.

You can click on each notebook to create a new note. When the notebook is still empty you will be provided a random wise quotes from famous people like Einstein, Shakespeare, Mark Twain and a lot more. When creating a new note you can also insert audio records, photos, and links. The app also supports handwriting.

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    Since the input assist function of markdown notation is attached,
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    You can create beautiful note one by touch sensually.
    ■ Category
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    ■ Open source
    Also, Boostnote mobile is an open source application.
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    Some people actively participate in the development and improvement of applications from all over the world.


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