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Parental Control App on Android What Is It?

The traditional days of parenting are gone and in the digital age, a smart parenting approach needs to be adopted to take care of your kids. The smartphone devices contain apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc which can make parenting a little complex and therefore you would require a parental control app.

Well, you may wonder What is a parental control app? In simple words, it’s an app that can help to track your kids, block them from accessing inappropriate content, keep an eye on their communications, set time limits and much more.

How to Monitor Your Kids’ Mobile Devices

In today’s time, almost every other kid has got a mobile device for their own personal use. Kids tend to think themselves a lot smart and tech savvy but the fact is that in their age they lack a lot of maturity to deal with every day things in the digital world. It’s true that there maybe some expections but when a person is in his minor stage, he/she still doesn’t have good understanding of the world and therefore it’s very important to monitor your child and guide them so that they don’t fall prey to anything in the digital platform.

The best way to monitor the activities of your children that they doing on their mobile devices is through a good parental control app. There are various spying and monitoring apps in the market that are available for both paid and free, which you can try. In this article, we have one such parental control app which we feel is one of the best in its genre which you can’t afford to miss.

Some parents also keep a track on their kids mobile devices through mutual consent with them. They regularly check their devices to make sure that they are not doing anything wrong intentionally or unintentionally. But, sadly many kids these days know how to deal with these checkups on their devices. So, if you feel that your child can act smart then you need to just go with the parental control app of this article.

How To Use Hoverwatch Parental Control App?

To start using Hoverwatch Parental Control App, head to the official website of Hoverwatch to register yourself an account. Now, install the spying app on the target device and make the necessary configurations like allowing permissions, disabling battery optimization, etc.

With Hoverwatch, you can easily keep a track on upto 25 devices at a time. To keep a remote track on the devices, just login to your account and head to the dashboard and select the device whose activities you want to keep a check on. Just remember, till the target devices regularly make a connection to the Internet they will be tracked on their almost each and every single activity so that you can be assured that they are safe and sound.

If you feel that your child has attained the maturity level and you no longer feel to keep a track on him/her or for whatever other reason you want to stop tracking for a specific device, you can just select the specific device, head to Settings and look for the option, Delete Device or Stop Device Monitoring

Installation App Hoverwatch

Note: In this case, we will be taking a look on how to install Hoverwatch on the Android platform

  1. Before you begin installation, it’s important that you enable installation from unknown sources from the settings tab.
  2. Visit the website of Hoverwatch, create your own account and download the program on the target device.
  3. Open Setup.apk and follow the installation assistant.
  4. Open the file using any of your preferred file explorer
  5. Make a secure login to your Hoverwatch account that you crested earlier to lookout for the PIN code and just remember it!
  6. Lastly, get the app ready by using the official instructions listed on the official Hoverwatch website.


1. Track Your Kids Location

The app makes it quite easy and fast to keep a minute to minute look on the whereabouts of your children. It gives you a precise location, the only condition being that the GPS and a stable Internet connection or WiFi must be enabled there on the target device.

2. Communication and Extras

Your kids maybe a making a lot of conversations and communication with different people through social media apps, messaging, calls, etc. Your job is to ensure that they don’t come in contact with any stranger or an unfamiliar person whom them haven’t met in real life. On the Internet, there are both good and bad people, and therefore it’s important to teach your kids how to differentiate between them but still even then they may fall prey to a wrong person so it’s important to keep a track on their communications.

3. Keep In Touch With Your Kids

The spying app provides minor to major details on your kids doings so you can be tension free. Through the service, you can monitor and also easily be in touch with them wherever and whenever you and they desire to.

Pricing Policy:

The people behind Hoverwatch understand the general public and therefore they have kept their pricing in such a way that it can be afforded by almost everyone. As of now, they offer three subscription plans:

  • Personal : The Personal plan price is $8.33 and it lets you monitor one device every month.
  • Family : The Family plan price is $3.33 (each device) and it lets you monitor upto five devices simultaneously every month.
  • Business : The Business plan price is $1.67 (each device) and it lets you monitor upto twenty five devices simultaneously every month.


Hoverwatch phone tracking app is a must get for any parent who wants to track and monitor their child’s phone. There are many similar and competitive apps just like this one, but still Hoverwatch was able to stay up to the standards and perform well on different Android versions.

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