How to Record Android Screen and Turn It into Animated GIF

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How to Record Android Screen and Turn It into Animated GIF

Nearly all Android device models already have a built-in screenshot feature. Different story applies to screen recorder. The only way to record Android screen is by using a third party app. GIF Maker-Editor is one of the screen recorder apps you can try.

GIF Maker-Editor is a great app when it comes to recording Android screen. You can use it to record Android screen and turn it to animated GIF right away. In addition, this app can also be used to edit existing GIF file and convert an existing video file to animated GIF. You can use GIF Maker-Editor for free, but have to deal with ads. You can upgrade to premium to work with ad-free interface.

You can download GIF Maker-Editor on Google Play. It is sizing about 27MB.

To start recording Android screen using GIF Maker-Editor, launch the app and tap the Screen record -> GIF button.

You will see a purple button on the upper right corner of your Android screen. Specify the screen you want to record. Once you ready, tap the purple button. On this example, we recorded the screen of TED app Android.

A GIF Maker-Editor icon will appear on the notification bar as the recording process is running. Swipe down your screen to view the notifications and tap the GIF Maker-Editor notification to stop the recording.

Tap the DONE button on top-right corner to go to the edit screen. There are lots of things you can do here. Like cropping the recorded screen (you do this by tapping the Adjustment option), adjusting the color, adding effect, setting the speed and so on. Tap the checklist icon on the top-right corner once you are done editing.

Select the GIF quality and tap the OK button. If you want, you can also select the Compress option. This will reduce the GIF file, but the quality will be reduced.

Wait a moment until GIF Maker-Editor is done converting the recorded screen to GIF. Once done, you can quit the app. You can find your GIF file on the GifStudio album on your Android gallery.

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