How Can You Recover Removed Photos from Your Android Phone or Tablet?

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How Can You Recover Removed Photos from Your Android Phone or Tablet?

It’s quite possible that you accidentally delete the photos from your Android device. And in the worst situation, you might delete your favourite photos from the Android device! You always regret on your unintentional operations. But now the question is that is it possible to recover deleted photos from Android or can you make Android data recovery? The answer is YES. In this article, you’ll understand everything about recover deleted photos android.

How to Find Removed Photos From Your Android Device?

Whenever you apply the factory setting on your Android device because of software malfunction, the photos become invisible. Actually, they become hidden in the device.

What happens is that whenever a photo comes with your Android device, it gets stored in the device with a specific address. And whenever the photo gets deleted, it means that only the address of the photo is removed and not that photo.

So, the hidden deleted images make space for the new data to get stored and you can always get the removed photos back in Android.

Let’s discuss about what you need to do to improve the recovery success rate:

  • Don’t use your Android device for importing new data so that the removed photos don’t get replaced.
  • Download Android Photo Recovery software like iSkysoft Toolbox to your Android device using a computer.
  • You should also have a professional antivirus program installed on your Android device to make it malware or virus free.

How Can You Use iSkysoft Toolbox for Android Data Recovery?

iSkysoft Toolbox – Android Data Recovery is the best way to recover deleted photos on Android using a PC and the best thing is that you don’t need any technical skills to operate it!

This software has become very popular because of its powerful and accurate recovery abilities, easy operations and quick scanning speed. Now, let’s go through the key features of the iSkysoft Toolbox – Android Photo Recovery.

  • Different Data Types Recovery

This software helps the user recover not just photos, but also videos, audios, contacts, call history, documents, messages, and more.

  • Internal & External Recovery

iSkysoft Toolbox Android Data Recovery allows the users to get data recovery from the internal memory of the Android device as well as an SD card.

  • Great Device Support

iSkysoft Toolbox Android Data Recovery supports over 6,000 Android devices including Samsung, Sony, HTC, Motorola, LG, etc.

  • Recovery from Different Data Loss Scenarios

Nearly all the scenarios of data loss are well-supported, including accidental deletion, factory reset, system malfunction, virus attacks, and more.

  • Free Trial Available

The software is very easy to use and you initially try it with a free trial.

How to Recover Removed Photos from the Android Gallery Using iSkysoft Toolbox Android Photo Recovery Software?

Step 1: Download & install iSkysoft Toolbox Android Photo Recovery Software on the computer. Start it and connect the Android device to your computer through the USB cable. Just make sure that its ‘USB Debugging Mode’ is on when you connect the device. Now, click on the option “Recovery”.

Step 2: When this software identifies your device, just choose the categories that you want to recover and do scanning. Therefore, if you want to recover deleted photos, then click “Gallery” and hit the “Next” button to start the procedure.

Note: To access the internal memory of Android, the connected device needs to be rooted. Therefore, if your Android device isn’t rooted, this software will root it through the analysing procedure and will undo it after recovery. So, your device won’t be changed after this recovery procedure.

Step 3: The scanning can take time to get completed and it mainly relies on your device’s memory size. So wait patiently and you’ll have the list of all the photos on your phone. Just choose the photos which you wish to recover as well as click on the “Recover” button to d0 recovery.

If you are unable to find the removed photos in your Android device using the given method, then you can scan the SD card of your phone using iSkysoft Toolbox Android Photo Recovery. With this mode, one can directly do photo recovery from SD card without getting connected Android device to PC without any rooting.

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