How to Scan Documents to PDF Without App in Android

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How to Scan Documents to PDF Without App in Android

People love using Android because of it comes with so many features to help us finishing the daily tasks. It’s more than a communication tool. However, there are several hidden features on Android that you probably don’t know. Including its ability to scan a document easily without any additional app required.

One day, you may want to scan a document using your Android device and immediately start exploring Play Store for looking a scanning app. Please, don’t be hurry. Because, you can scan any documents easily with your Android using Google Drive, which is already installed in your Android device by default.

Still doubt? Please follow these steps to prove it.

Step one: Prepare your documents

First and foremost, prepare the documents you want to scan. To get the maximum result, adjust your document orientation and place it to the contrasting surface. If you have a white document, it will be a great idea to place it to a dark background.

Start scanning

Once your document is ready, open the Google Drive app on your Android and select the directory where you want to save the scanning result. Inside the folder you should see a Scan button on the bottom right of your screen.

Press the Scan button and have your Android device over the document. Be sure every part of the document you want to scan appear on the screen and press the shutter button. Now you will have a new PDF file on your selected Google Drive directory.

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