2 Desktop Apps to Allow You Upload Photos to Instagram

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2 Desktop Apps to Allow You Upload Photos to Instagram

Like it or not, Instagram is one of the most crowded social media platforms. The Facebook-owned social media is widely used by those loving to take a picture to share their photos. For a photographer, Instagram is a great tool to develop a personal brand, and most photographer have been doing this.

Unlike Flickr, 500px and other photo sharing platforms, the bad side of Instagram that it doesn’t allows us to upload photos from desktop. This will be a problem if you are a professional photographer and often take pictures using your DSLR camera. Transfering photos to smartphone is little bit tricky though some DSLR cameras already come with their newest sharing technology, like Nikon’s SnapBridge, for instance.

But still, it will be more fun if we can upload our best photos directly from desktop instead of smartphone. There are actually some third party desktop-based apps that you can use to access your Instagram photos. But, most of them don’t offer the ability to upload our photos.

If you are a Windows and Mac user, there two apps that you can use to — not only accessing Instagram photos — but also uploading your best ones.

1. Gramblr


Gramblr is a lovely app if you want to directly upload your best shoots stored in your desktop to Instagram. Just like official Instagram app, you can also add some effects on the photo you want to upload. This app is only available for Windows and Mac users. So, sorry for Linux and other OS users.

Gramblr comes with a very clear interface. You won’t meed any problem using this app. More interestingly, this app also allows you to schedule your posts.

2. BlueStacks

The other way to upload photos to Instagram directly from desktop is by installing an Android emulator. And, BlueStacks is one the best apps in the term of this. BlueStacks is also compatible with Windows or Mac OS. The app can run roughly 96% of the Android apps available in the Google Play Store, Instagram included.

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