6 Apps for Keeping your Finances in One Place

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6 Apps for Keeping your Finances in One Place

No more bank statements sent only once a month: from now on, you can follow the daily movements on your account and access banking services from your smartphone. Although debits are usually displayed after a few days, you get near-snapshot visibility, which helps you limit your expenses by anticipating the inflow and outflow of money.

Several mobile applications promise you, thanks to easier management of your money, to save money every month. We have selected the best known to present them to you so that you can identify the one that will suit you best.

Of course, it will take organization and goodwill to spend less, because these programs do not bring you anything directly. Choose the one that seems most suitable to you to take full advantage of it:

1. Banking

Not content to simply offer you an overview of your expenses, Banking automatically categorizes money outflows, and allows you to view all your accounts at a glance, even if they are managed in different establishments. Truly versatile, this app also works with tools like PayPal or with your employee savings schemes, if applicable.

Very fluid, the colorful interface pleases for its accessibility: you can understand it in a few minutes, and you can easily configure your budget in each category, to better succeed in saving each month. The choice of dapper shades makes this app even more attractive, unlike the sometimes austere interfaces of some banks.

Of course, this free application is completely secure. Simply configure access with a PIN code or your fingerprint, provided you have a smartphone including the fingerprint reader.

2. Budget

Partner of more than 200 financial institutions, Budget helps you easily manage all your accounts, regardless of the banks with which you have signed contracts. It categorizes your operations and gives you a quick overview of your overall situation.

Even better, this program has been designed with particularly sophisticated algorithms that forecast expenses, and warn you if you risk overdraft. This financial forecasting technology allows you, at any time, to know the amount you will theoretically have left at the end of the month.

You also have the option of adding your invoices automatically to your transactions and exporting your data to an Excel file. For people seeking in-depth financial management, Budgeta offers a particularly relevant and serious solution.

3. iSaveMoney

If the iSaveMoney application does not systematically classify your expenses, it has a semi-automatic completion function based on your previous entries: you keep control of the classification, and you have the possibility of going faster despite everything.

To better manage your daily expenses, you can insert recurring transactions that will help you anticipate well, knowing that you have access to an unlimited number of budget models. You can set one for energy bills, for the car, for public transport, clothes, going out with friends, etc. It can also help you find out the best companies to invest in gold ira.

Rather user-friendly with its colorful interface, this application offers great flexibility that allows everyone to manage their finances as they see fit. It remains compatible with the export of data in CSV, which can then be read on a computer with a classic spreadsheet (Excel, Open Office Calc).

4. Linxo

Like Banking, Linxo aspires to become a leading app for managing bank accounts. For this, it relies on basic functionalities (partnership with nearly 320 banks, notifications of expenses and money entries, automatic categorization, etc.) – but it is also armed with some interesting innovations.

For example, a search tool makes it possible to find cheques, bank card expenses, or any other operation, whatever the amount and whatever the method used. Plus, the app calculates how much you can save each month to help you save money. If you need to find the nearest check cashing place, CheckCashing247.com can help you with that.

In addition, the different accounts you add will be even better- organized thanks to the possibility of classifying them by theme (work, family, personal, etc.). A paid version unlocks other features (unlimited searches over time, provisional budgets) – but you can largely be satisfied with the free app.

5. Your bank’s app!

All of these apps have a definite advantage for people with multiple accounts at multiple different banks. However, if you only have a current account in a bank such as Axis Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, etc, you can manage it very well with the app. the bank. Similarly, if your savings books are in the same establishment, you will view everything from the same interface.

6. Lio

Lio is a very user-friendly app that can help you manage your finances. It has over 60+ templates out of which many of them cater to finances. They have templates such as expenses, savings, debit and credit reports and many more.

You can easily input your data on these templates and Lio stores them in safe and secure cloud storage that you can access from anywhere through your phone number or email address.

You can also use Lio in 8+ different regional languages. It is ideal for personal finances as well as finances for your business because of the variety of available templates. Lio has been widely used for various purposes and has over 2 million downloads.

Lio is available for download on Android, IOS as well as web login.

Besides these apps there are many useful tools for financial institutions. Visit Fortifid.com to learn more.

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