6 Common App Building Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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6 Common App Building Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

People spend an impressive average of 3 hours on their phones every day. Attention spans generally bounce between apps that involve social media, email management, and entertainment.

What keeps users glued to their screens for so long? This is a question that any good app development team needs to ask before launching their application. There are variables to keep in mind before jumping into the market.

Bad decisions in design, for example, can make or break a project and user experience. These mostly occur once people can get their hands on a product, meaning production behind the scenes can only react to improve perception.

If you’re interested in learning about and, hopefully, avoiding common app building mistakes, then keep reading!

Complicated UI

A proper user interface is essential for convincing an audience to keep an app on their phone. While implementing a great app marketing strategy can lead to skyrocketing download numbers, if people can’t navigate your application, they’ll remove it almost immediately.

Aim for a minimalist design for your app’s interface. If possible, apply this concept to all other facets of your project, as well.

Unappealing Sound Effects

Phone software customization is at its peak. People can configure all sorts of variables on their devices. This doesn’t, however, mean you can skimp on sound design.

Stay connected with your audio team and make sure they produce quality sound effects.

Overbearing Notifications

There’s a time and a place for everything, including phone notifications. A self-growth app with a single reminder in the morning is fine. However, some applications like to spam up to five on a daily basis.

Users are just as likely to dismiss pesky and repetitive messages as they are to uninstall your application. When configuring reminders, keep this in mind and limit these according to your app’s functions.

Poor Optimization

Lag, framerate drops, and delay can repel a large portion of your audience. Users want immediate results, and the more time between their interaction and a result, the more likely they are to look elsewhere in the market.

Invest in optimization! It’ll keep users interested and satisfied in the long term.

Excessive File Size

Keeping an app’s file size as small as possible is a major display of respect towards users. Needless to say, they notice and appreciate the effort.

Guess which applications a user is most likely to delete when they run out of space? That’s right, those that take up the most.

Ads That Impact Function

One of the most common sources of revenue for applications is ad placement. Most people understand this reality and don’t get too frustrated. However, advertisements that ruin a user’s experience also ruin your app’s chance to reach and maintain an audience.

Keep ads to a minimum and allow them only when it won’t alter or ruin your application’s primary functions.

Avoid These App Building Mistakes

Some of these might seem obvious, but you can find a surprising amount of app building mistakes in the market right now. Don’t let your app struggle to meet user interface, file size, and optimization standards.

If you want to excel in reputation with your user base, consider proper ad placement, reasonable notification amounts and timing, and satisfying sound design.

If this article helped guide you towards better app development, consider checking out our other software design articles!

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