6 Reasons Spotify is the Best Streaming Music Service

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6 Reasons Spotify is the Best Streaming Music Service

Since the intention of streaming music service, the way people listening to music has changed. You can now listen to countless music without having to buy any track like you used to do in conventional MP3 player. In some countries with low awareness of copyright, streaming music services can help cutting the number of piracy.

Speaking of streaming music service, Spotify is undoubtedly one of the bests. Though there are many similar services available today, Spotify remains the best due to its abundant collections and global supports.

I personally also install the Spotify app on my my desktop and launch it every single day to accompany my working activities. I have tried other streaming music services but in the end I always return to Spotify.

Here are some reasons why Spotify is decent enough to be called as the best streaming music service in the world.

1. Spotify is available globally

The huge different between Spotify and similar services is the availability. Services like Apple Music and Google Play Music are currently only available in the developed countries like USA and Europe countries while Joox, a Chinese streaming service, still limited to several countries in Asia. Spotify, on other hand, has been available in many countries. At the time of writing the streaming music service has been available in 67 countries starting from developing countries to developed countries.

With its wide availability, it’s unsurprising if Spotify becomes the world’s number one streaming music service.

2. Supports multiple platforms

Apart from its wide availability, Spotify is also one step ahead in terms of app supports. Most streaming music services currently only provide mobile app and web app to allow users enjoy the songs they offer. Those who spend their most days in front of laptop and desktop PC (like me) need a desktop app to listen to music while working since keeping a streaming tab in web browser can interfere our focus.

Unlike other streaming music services, Spotify offers a desktop app. More interestingly, users from three major platforms — Windows, Mac and Linux — can enjoy the desktop app of Spotify since the streaming music service provide its desktop app for those platforms. This one of the things I love the most from Spotify.

3. Feature-rich for free account

Spotify is the kind of freemium app. Spotify followers can enjoy countless songs on Spotify from their favorite bands and singers without having to pay anything. However, premium account is available if you need more features and capabilities.

By far, I remain comfort with my free account since it’s more than enough to enjoy music on Spotify. With free account I can do lot of things like creating playlists, follow my favorite bands and singers and exploring the songs as far as I want. The only downside is I have to deal with a containing-ads sounds that appears about three or four songs once.

4. Has abundant collections with no genre exception

Spotify is one of the best go-to places if you want to recall your childhood memories by listening songs from Westlife, The Cranberries to The Corrs. Sure, you can also go to other services like SoundCloud and even YouTube. But, you will realize how abundant Spotify is once you explored deeper and deeper. You will find nearly all music genres in Spotify starting from pop, rock to classic. You can even find songs from local music genre in your countries (I have tried this!).

5. Can play songs without internet connection

If you have upgraded your free Spotify account to premium, you will able to do lot of things that can’t be done with the free account. One of them, you can download as many songs as you want to your devices and play them offline without having to connect to the internet. You don’t have to worry about the copyright violation since it is legal to download songs from Spotify.

6. Because Taylor Swift has returned

I know how it feels when you find your favorite bands and singers appear on streaming music services like Spotify. As one of the most popular singers in the current era, surely everyone is pleased to see Taylor Swift in Spotify. But, things are not always go the way we expected, sometimes.

In 2014 Taylor Swift pulled all of her songs from Spotify. She argued that streaming services like Spotify couldn’t give decent value to the artists. But, the conflict is over. Taylor Swift has returned to Spotify and you can enjoy the songs from the famous singer.

Well, every one has their own opinions over services like Spotify. But, I think the reasons above are make sense enough to call Spotify the best streaming music service. At least until today.

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