6 PDF Readers for Windows Alternative to Adobe Reader

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6 PDF Readers for Windows Alternative to Adobe Reader

For Windows users, Adobe Reader is the first option when they are looking for an application to read PDF documents. This app has been very popular for as long as we knew though it’s basically not the only app to read PDF. Unless you need miscellaneous features, Adobe Reader is available for free.

For a two reason or two, there are some Windows users who are objected to using Adobe Reader and prefer to use another alternative. Probably, they don’t want to be monopolized by a single choice. Whatever your reason, if you are one of those persons, this article will show the best alternatives to Adobe Reader.

Generally, there are two types of PDF reader app, paid and free. This article is going to show the best alternatives of the second option. Here is the list.

1. Foxit Reader

Probably, Foxit Reader is the most-famous PDF reader for Windows other than Adobe Reader. Foxit Reader is a free PDF reader which very feature-rich. It’s really close to Adobe Reader in terms of features, even richer. With Foxit Reader you can open multiple PDF documents at once since it comes with a tabbed interface. Foxit Reader allows you to add comments on the certain parts of the document you consider as important.

Furthermore, Foxit Reader has also supported cloud storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox to enable you open the PDF documents from those services as well as store them. Foxit Reader itself is a cross platform app which is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

2. Nitro PDF Reader

Nitro PDF Reader is another feature-rich PDF viewer for Windows just like Foxit Reader. The only different, this app is only available for Windows. You can also do a lot of things with this app while reading a PDF document like adding comments on a certain part, highlight, add underline and lots more. Nitro PDF Reader also allows you to customize the look of the app to fulfill your taste.

While you can use this Adobe Reader for free, pro version is also available if you need more features. However, free version is more than enough is your purpose of using this app is for reading a PDF.

3. STDU Viewer

Unlike two applications mentioned earlier above which are specifically for viewing PDF, STDU Viewer can be used to open multiple document formats including TIFF, DjVu, XPS, JBIG2 and of course, PDF. You can also open multiple PDF files at once with this app since it has a tabbed interface to enable you do this. Additionally, STDU Viewer also has a feature to convert a certain document format to another. STDU Viewer is a fully free app.

4. Sumatra PDF

Same as STDU Viewer, Sumatra PDF is also not specifically developed as a PDF reader. Instead, the app is developed to become a versatile document reader which can read various document formats from ePub, Mobi, XPS, DjVu and most importantly, PDF. Sumatra PDF is an individual project from Krzysztof Kowalczyk. Sumatra PDF is basically an open source app but it’s only available for Windows. Linux users who want give this app a try can utilize Wine to run it.

Sumatra has a minimalist design. It uses the MuPDF library to render PDFs. You can use this app without a permanent installation since the creator also offers a portable version.

5. Evince

Same as Sumatra PDF, Evince is also an open source software with the function to view PDF document. It is a regular PDF viewer for GNOME, one of the most popular Linux desktop environments. Windows users can also use this app since the developer also offers the app for the platform. Evince comes with a minimalist design. No complex features are offered but you can add some tasks like adding comment on a certain word while reading a PDF document.

6. SlimPDF Reader

Last but not least. The other Abode Reader alternative you can try to open PDF documents is SlimPDF Reader. With the total file size only 1.43 MB, the app claims itself as the smallest desktop PDF reader in the world. Simplicity is seems like the one thing SlimPDF wants to offer since it has simple and minimalist design. However, for just viewing a PDF document, this app is decent enough to try.

The bottom line

Being the most popular e-book format, many e-book readers support the ability to read PDF files, especially e-book readers powered by Android. Kindle — which has great embedded software development in terms of delivering digital reading experience — also has the capability to read PDF. Of you want to read PDF files on a Windows laptop or PC then the apps we mentioned are great to use.

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