15 Apps College Students Can’t Live Without

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15 Apps College Students Can’t Live Without

Students cannot live a single day without gadgets and applications. They use both: applications for entertainment and more efficient and simple studying. There are millions of useful apps that help learners keep up with their education. There are programs for time management, writing, math problems, web search, communication, and more. These helpers are students’ “right hands” and saviors! It is true that most youngsters cannot imagine their routine without these programs. In the following post, we are going to discuss the most popular and useful applications for learning.

1. Dropbox

Being a student, you value your notes and coursework a lot. Indeed, losing them would be a real catastrophe, that is why you need a place to upload your valuable files. Dropbox is a king of cloud storage. You can locate your documents and media files at this storage and access them whenever you need using a PC or a phone. Sharing is saving is a pleasure when you have Dropbox.

2. Any.do

The organization is everything! Many students know that and use Any.do to bring their tasks in order. This app is perfect for learners who want to create to-do lists, synchronize tasks with other devices, and reach the necessary data from anywhere.

3. Dictionary.com

Those who are fond of tricky books filled with strange words will surely appreciate this site. Dictionary.com provides you with a database where you can find words and their definitions in a couple of clicks.

4. Feed.ly

If you want to keep your eye on the latest news, this might be a problem. There are so many academic projects and homework stuff to deal with! With Feed.ly, an RSS aggregator, students can track news from different sources on a single platform and get notifications when something interesting appears. Is there anything better?

5. CliffsNotes

If you study literature at college, it means that you need to read numerous books all the time and produce thousands of essays, reports, and reviews. CliffNotes is a resource where you can find clear and accurate information about plots, symbols, themes, characters, and other elements of the books from a college program.

6. Mathway

It is hard to name something more challenging than math homework. However, you can benefit from Mathway, an app that helps students solve geometry and algebra problems. Type your task in the app and see the solution in a minute.

7. Scribd

There is no better online database than Scribd. Here you can find thousands of books and journals that can serve as sources for your academic papers. Whether you are lost with your task and need Australian law assignment help, history research paper, or biology lab report, Scribd is the best place to find relevant sources. People share these files online and sort them according to disciplines and topics, so finding a relevant one would be easy.

8. Studious

Do you always remember the deadlines and essential test dates? Thanks to Studios, you will never forget about them anymore. This app is a reminder that will keep you informed about all the events and tasks you have to deal with.

9. TED

Don’t stop self-education and development — get the TED app! Imagine all the famous and talented lecturers gathered on your phone or tablet.

10. The Oxford Dictionary

Expanding your vocabulary is a great idea! The Oxford Dictionary will help you understand English words better and enrich your speech. Once you enter a word in the app, you get a definition, pronunciation, and different usage examples.

11. SelfControl

Distractions take a great deal of your time, so avoiding them is crucial. If you cannot live without Facebook and Instagram, but they distract you from studying a lot, try SelfControl. This app allows you to block social networks for a specified period. Turn it on when writing a paper or listening to the lecture and avoid compulsive clicking and scrolling.

12. Chegg

Instead of buying new books when another semester comes, you may find rental ones. Chegg is an app where students offer their textbooks for temporary use.

13. Viber

The time when you had to pay for phone calls is gone. Now there are apps like Viber that allow you to make free calls even when you need to reach your friends and relatives who live abroad. Using this app, you can make video/audio calls, send files, and messages for free.

14. Duolingo

Duolingo is an app for those students who study languages. Using it, you will get a toolkit for learning — different tasks to improve and test your knowledge, learn new words, get ready for exams, and more. The app is free.

15. Clear

Clear is an app that allows you to create and synchronize different to-do lists. With its help, you can keep your plans and tasks organized and reach it wherever you are (just make sure that you have an Internet connection).


The world is becoming more and more digitalized, so using technology in all spheres of our life becomes a routine. As a student, you are welcome to use different programs to improve your learning experience and make your everyday life easier. Luckily, there are applications for various purposes — studying, organizing, task management, learning new words, avoiding distractions, and more. Choose those that will make your education more comfortable and more efficient. Gather a full pack of useful applications and optimize your learning!

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