Benefits Of Recording and Transcribing an Academic Lecture

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Benefits Of Recording and Transcribing an Academic Lecture

In the past few years, the education system and learning methods have evolved a lot. Gone are those days when you had to write everything on a notebook word by word. Now, most students can use their smart devices to record the lectures and then transcribe them into text format. This eliminates the need to create manual notes and gives students freedom and flexibility. Apart from this, online transcription service also provides a lot of other benefits. So if you are eager to know more, then this article will tell you the main benefits of recording and transcribing an academic lecture.

1. Makes It Easy To Review Research Materials

Online transcription service can be very useful for professional researchers as they can record every observation during a study and then transcribe them later easily. Taking notes during a study can be disruptive. Online transcription eliminates the extra work of taking notes, which helps the researches focus properly on the study. Along with this, researchers can also use transcription for other similar things. For example, they can use it during group sessions, conducting research analysis, etc.

2. A Valuable Learning Tool

With the help of online transcription, students can record their seminars, lectures, and Q&A sessions. This can help them understand all the information properly and they can easily study the content in a detailed manner. It helps them get all the key aspects of the lessons and make sure that they didn’t miss anything. Along with this, students can also use transcription for group meeting projects. It can help them keep a record of all the ideas they get during the group sessions. All they have to do is start a recorder and later they can easily transcribe the recording to get all the details more specifically. Academic transcription also ensures that they are not missing anything in the classroom, which provides them relief and take off some load from their shoulders.

3. Improves Universities Engagement With Their Online Students

Universities can upload the transcripts of the lessons, which can help them improve engagement with their online students. This can also be very useful for non-attendees and ESL students, who have taken English as an alternative language. By transcribing and translating the lectures into their native language can help them grasp the knowledge more effectively. It will also make learning easier for them as they won’t have spent time searching for difficult terms.

Apart from this, transcription services can also help people that have hearing ailments along with those who face trouble in following the lectures. The best thing about transcription services is that it doesn’t matter what the slang and accent of the content is, they can easily catch and record statements with full accuracy.

4. Increase The Value Of Their Student’s Education

Our brain is not that good in retaining information and it almost forgets 70% of the information we learn, after 24 hours. That’s why it is very important to keep revising the information to feed it in the long term memory. By using Audext audio transcription tool, you can make physical notes easily that you can review anytime. This increases the value of the student’s education and also helps them retain the information for a longer period. Apart from this, recording and transcribing academic interviews and group sessions automatically generated searchable notes within minutes. It can help the student optimize their learning as they won’t have to spend a lot of time searching for the specific information they need. This won’t only boost their productivity but they can take their learning to new heights.


So these were some major benefits of recording and transcribing academic lectures. Online transcription services have gained massive popularity and it is still expanding its reach all over the world. It doesn’t only helps you understand the complex material easily but it also helps your revise lectures more efficiently. Along with the students, it is very useful for researchers too as they can review their researches and share it with other people very easily. By converting the lecture’s speech to text, any student can learn and retain information easily. In short, online transcription has changed the education system for good and make the learning more convenient.

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