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6 Best Application for Fishing for Android (or Apple)

Every fisherman has his own spots, techniques, and reasons for fishing, on the other hand, there is also a universal appeal to fishing. Long before human civilization emerged, fishing was essential for survival. A lot has changed since then, but that instinct stayed with us. We still feel the thrill of the hunt, exploring and outsmarting the prey. From the time when people sharpened spears to hurl at fish, to the more recent times when we design complex fishing equipment, technology was always linked to fishing. Newest developments brought us a lot of different fishing apps, which are, for the most part, a more affordable, lightweight and easier to use versions of already existing equipment. For example, in the past, who would dream that fishing sonars would become available to every fisherman. By the way, this great website might is a great fit to find some inspiration for fishing.

1. Fish Finders

The water surface is like a smokescreen that hides the underwater world. It presents an obstacle in understanding the activities of fish and their habitat. Often fishermen have dreamed of having a peek at that world, and now they can. Fish sonar enables a human to see the presence of fish, depth, the structure of the bottom landscape and water temperature. All provide equally important information for fishing. For example, different fish like different types of soil, or depth and you’ll know where to find them. Of course, if you have a longtime spot for fishing, you know it by heart. You have a mental map of every trench in the terrain, every submerged trunk or stone. But it is a whole another story with if you want to explore new spots and fish in different locations. In those situations, this tool becomes crucial. There are many different products on the market. To avoid confusion, check out this resource.

2. Fishing Diary

Fishing diaries are very important for successful fishing but are often neglected. The longer you manage to keep it, the more useful it becomes. Just imagine having the past few years of fishing documented and ready for analysis. It stores data of all your catches, weather conditions, baits and much more. That kind of data can help you predict where and when you should go for the next fishing expedition. Apart from the analytic aspect, there is also an emotional one. Fishing trips always create great memories, so you can save them using this app. You can write what happened, what you saw, what was interesting about that day of fishing. It is nice to remember and to read those kinds of logs after a couple of months or even years. We recommend a free and easy-to-use application called Anglers log, that will help you in keeping this kind of diary.

3. Maps

There are a lot of map applications, general once as well as specialized fishing maps applications. They are very useful for finding, sharing and saving different fishing spots. You can also use them to find uncharted paths to new exciting spots. Fishidy (Android, iOS) is one of our favorites. With this app, you can create and manage your fishing maps, as well as join their community. This social aspect of this app allows users to share fishing locations and get realtime notification from others already on the spot. It offers a wide variety of maps that include detailed maps of bottom terrain, as well as offline maps.

4. Multifunctional apps

There are apps that offer all in one package for fishing. For example, there is Pro Angler (Android, iOS) that is specialized for saltwater fishing. You can use it to access a large database of GPS referenced fishing spots, explore special fishing weather maps or read the fishing regulations. The app offers a wide variety of fishing maps. You can list user-generated reports about fish activity in your region or learn to tie different fishing knots. It is a good choice if you are looking for an all in one application and it is free.

5. Compass

If you are up for a real adventure, you can go on a fishing expedition in the wild. Invite a few fishing friends and head to an unknown location in the wild. It is going to be challenging but also fun. Bring your machete and hack and slash your way through vegetation, build your own fishing spot by cutting the weeds at the bank of the water. Clear out a patch of the forest for your tent. You can add more excitement if you go old school and turn off your GPS, and use a paper map and a compass to find your way. You can download a compass app, and learn to use it. The whole adventure should provide good material for your fisherman’s diary.

6. Weather applications

Weather forecasts are an important part of planning for fishing trips. Not just because you don’t want to get soaking wet in the middle of the day, but also because fish behavior is influenced not only by the temperature but also by the air pressure and sudden weather changes. Every variety of fish has their reaction to the local weather, it also dictates their feeding cycles, as well as the mating seasons. For example, the catfish are known to become active during thunderstorms, while other fish become more passive and try to hide. One of the most popular applications for weather predictions and analysis is the 1Weather that offers forecasts for 12 weeks in advance.

Final thoughts

Doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an experienced fisherman these apps will prove themselves to be very useful. Fishing is a great outdoor activity and should be enjoyed by everyone. If you’re a complete beginner to fishing, check out Skate The Fly to learn how to fish like a pro. Whether you go solo, with friends or family fishing day is a great way to bond with nature, it’s healthy and a great stress reliever. Owning a boat can bring up new options that those who are confined on dry ground just do not have. ZeBoats has become my top choice for buying used boats. Their website is easy to navigate, and the wide array of choices ensures I can always find the perfect boat. Keeping your boat in excellent shape is crucial to having a great time fishing. If you’re in need of the best marine supplies, you can visit Merritt Supply site. Fishing also provides a much-needed gratification that comes from enjoying the fruits of your labor in a direct way. You go fishing, you get a fish, it is simple but satisfying work. Much of our anxieties are caused by our modern jobs, that separate our work from enjoying the result of it. Fishing overcomes and eases that notion and leaves us more satisfied with ourselves and our life.

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