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Best Parental Phone Monitoring Apps to Track Like a Pro

Trying parental monitoring apps allows you to kill two birds with one stone. Firstly, you can control and set access rules to the internet, filter content, and take a look at a youngster’s social media activity and location at any time.

With people of absolutely any age and intentions plugged into one global web, the first priority of parents becomes to protect their children from explicit content circulating in the public domain. Of course, trust must be demonstrated for children, and the opportunity to learn to distinguish between threats by themselves may be given. But if the chances that you can do it alone are abysmally low, then you are welcome to learn about top parental monitoring apps.

Tips on Selecting the Best Parental Monitoring App

Monitoring bundles can have some similar characteristics – like text monitoring – but also support more or less features, target specific platforms (mobile or desktop), and be intended for personal and family monitoring.

In view of the above, be sure to determine first:

  • Whether you choose a suite for Android or Apple (Apple technologies allow less tampering with settings so you can enjoy fewer services as a rule)
  • Whether you go with free or paid tools (free utilities can often be built into the phone, like Google Maps, and are more of a complementary nature rather than exhaustive data provider)

Last but not least, make sure the parent monitoring app provides quick feedback and customer support.

Discover Best Parental Monitoring Apps for Every Taste

Parental cell phone monitoring apps work where the virtual and real worlds intertwine. To be more precise, their arsenal of features allows them to guard the safety of the child remotely and provides almost absolute coverage of their daily digital activities. A few names are on everyone’s lips, so let’s check them out.

Kaspersky Safe Kids

Kaspersky is known to many as an anti-virus installer with roots in the Russian Federation, which has received warnings against its use by the U.S. government. However, under the wing of the company, a solution for parental control was also developed. It is associated primarily with the imposition of restrictions on the use of apps, scheduling the use of the gadget, tracking GPS coordinates, and tracking YouTube search and history.

While these features are undoubtedly useful, they certainly cannot be called sufficient. Parental monitoring apps which will be discussed next, offer some added support for other tracking categories.

uMobix: Best Parental Phone Monitoring App Universally

Many children want to feel like adults, but the fact is that often they are not mature enough and succumb to the negative influence of others in the blink of an eye. Punishing another mischief may not be the best idea without understanding what caused such behavior. uMobix is the best parental cell phone monitoring app that will keep you informed throughout the day and best of all, focuses on routines popular among young people like messaging and social media.

These features are complete with the following capabilities:

  • Notifications about new calls, messages on the target device, and deeds in social networks
  • Full access to Instagram and Facebook, monitoring of messages and content in WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, and other instant messengers
  • The exact location of the child with coordinates on the map
  • Tracker of deleted messages, calls, and contacts
  • Best parental monitoring app for iOS without jailbreaking
  • Keylogger
  • Live streaming
  • Can be used as an app for Android and iPhone

Norton Family: Great iOS Parental Monitoring App for Focused Kids

Having tones of content available on the Internet, even adults do not notice how time flies, let alone children. This parental monitoring app helps keep distracted students on their toes and keeps them in sight with a locator tool.

Say yes to school time and no to the Internet while classes are in progress. It is easier to teach children to be concentrated if the only virtual resources they can use are related to the school program. Besides, you will be able to direct your child to useful sites by blocking harmful content from your gadget in time. Motivate them to follow the world around them and communicate with their peers in real life by setting screen time limits.

Unfortunately, this is not a parental control app with text monitoring, and parents will not be able to read chats, monitor calls, etc., on the target device. Other than that, Norton Family is very helpful in keeping kids focused.

Qustodio: Parental Control App with Text Monitoring that Works

While a child spends about half of the day in an educational institution, this means that the time has come for schools to implement additional measures for the effective learning and safety of students. Qustodio belongs to the category of school and parental phone monitoring apps deploying services and customized features for collective and personal needs.

Thanks to the technology used, teachers can get indicators of progress and the deets on students’ diligence. Statistically speaking, 21% of children between the ages of 10 and 18 have been cyberbullied – this product contributes to a healthy student relationship and assists in the quick identification of bullies and other behavioral deviations.

As a parental monitoring app, users can expect Qustodio to assist in:

  • Tracking calls & SMS
  • Locating family members
  • Filtering content and apps
  • Activity monitoring
  • Setting time limits
  • Alerts and SOS

Net Nanny: Best Parental Monitoring App for iPhone and Android, Laptops

This parental phone monitoring app takes its pride in monitoring, filtering, and blocking apps and websites across multiple platforms, including Windows, Android, iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone. All control reins are available on the dashboard, which is undoubtedly convenient, as well as viewing the child’s activities in the feed.

Parents can, at their discretion, disable access to certain applications or rely on a filtering service that aims to prevent violent and porn content from being seen by children.

The developers of this iOS and Android parental monitoring app did not forget about the possibility of locating the target device. You can map their current and past movements in real-time or by browsing history.

On the dark side, online reviews suggest that the app drains the battery severely and makes the device super slow.


You don’t have to be all techy for tracking tools to work for you. Some products like uMobix, best iPhone parental monitoring app, do not require the installation of additional software on the target device and provide all reports centrally and in an aggregated form for ease of comprehension. We hope you find a common language with your children, and now you also know how you can use parental monitoring apps if it’s required.


What is the best parental monitoring app for iPhone?

The features included in the subscription play one of the most important roles. Check if the application has Instagram, WhatsApp, and Snapchat tracker, and if it allows you to track SMS messages, calls, and location. These and many other features are provided by uMobix.

How much do parental monitoring apps cost?

The price for a phone tracker app fluctuates depending on the features provided – so don’t be surprised if one product costs almost as much in a month as another in about a year. On average, the price for the service is up to $50 per month, while some companies offer discounts for paying for several months.

Is there any free parental monitoring app?

71% of parents are concerned that their child might spend too much time in front of screens. You can use free services like Google Family Link to monitor your child’s tendency to sit long online and restrict them.

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