Coolmuster Android Assistant, An All-in-one App to Manage Your Android Content

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Coolmuster Android Assistant, An All-in-one App to Manage Your Android Content

The development of smartphone technology — Android-based in particular — is really crazy in the last few years. It’s a common thing to see an Android smartphone with an 8GB RAM or even 16GB. A smartphone can really replace the role of a laptop in helping us to get the job done on the go. Just like a laptop, everything inside your smartphone needs to be managed. Be it apps, contacts to files.

Managing the content of a smartphone is a bit more hassle due to its smaller screen. Often time, we think of “this will be much easier with a laptop” when attempting to manage the files on our smartphone. Because on a laptop, we have a larger screen. Plus, we can use a mouse to make everything easier.

There is an app you can use to manage your Android content more easily via a laptop. It’s Coolmuster Android Assistant. This app is available for Windows and Mac.

What is Coolmuster Android Assistant?

As mentioned earlier above, Coolmuster Android Assistant is an app that you can use to manage the content of your Android smartphone. It is a part of the Coolmuster Toolbox, which contains 7 tools in total. You can install this app whether on Windows or Mac to manage your smartphone content. With a desktop-based app, managing the content of your Android smartphone becomes way easier.

In addition to managing your Android smartphone content, Coolmuster Toolbox also contains tools to recover deleted files and make a backup of your Android content. The last-mentioned feature is pretty handy if you want to make to switch to a new smartphone since you can take all of the content from your old smartphone and restore it to your new smartphone.

Started to curious? Here is the look of the Coolmuster Toolbox installed on Windows 10.

As you can see on the screenshot above, there are 7 menu items offered by Coolmuster Toolbox:

  • Android Assistant: To manage your Android content via PC. This menu also offers backup and restore.
  • iOS Assistant: Has the same functionality as Android Assistant, but for iPhone.
  • Mobile Transfer: To transfer files from one phone to another.
  • Android Eraser: To permanently delete all data on your Android phone.
  • Android Recovery: To scan and restore accidentally deleted files on your Android.
  • iTunes Recovery: To scan and restore data from your iTunes backup files on PC.
  • iOS Eraser: To permanently delete iPhone/iPad/iPod data.

What you can do with Coolmuster Android Assistant to your Android device

Everything you can expect from an Android management app is available on the Coolmuster Android Assistant. Here are the things you can do with Coolmuster Android Assistant.

# Manage your Android content

This is the main feature of the Coolmuser Toolbox. You can use Coolmuster Android Assistant to manage the content of your Android smartphone. Not just files like audios, videos, and images, but also content like contacts, text messages, and even apps. Once clicked the Android Assistant menu on the main window of the Coolmuster Android Assistant app, you will see the following interface.

Clicking each menu on the left panel, you will see the content existing on the connected Android device. A toolbar will appear afterward, allowing you to perform a certain action like deleting, adding new content, or even export.

Coolmuster has a great interface that is extremely easy to use, as you can see on the screenshot above. To add a file from your computer to your Android device, for instance, you just need to click the Add button on the toolbar and the transfer will be done right away as you selected the file. No more actions are required.

Here are the things you can do with Coolmuster related to content management.

  • Adding files from PC to the connected Android device, and vice versa.
  • Deleting files.
  • Moving files.
  • Copying files.
  • Uninstalling apps. You can uninstall several apps at once in a single click.
  • Export/import contacts. Coolmuster allows you to import your contacts from Outlook.

# Backup Android content

Coolmuster also allows you to backup the content of your Android device, regardless of the type of the content. To open the backup menu, you can click the Super Toolkit tab on the Android Assistant menu. Here, you will find another menu called Backup.

The backup process is also extremely easy. You just need to select the content types you want to backup, set the backup destination, and click the Back Up button. The rest is Coolmuster’s job.

Other things you can do with Coolmuster Toolbox

On the main window of the Coolmuster Toolbox app, you see 6 more tools — other than Android Assistant. These tools have different specific functionalities. You might be asked to buy additional licenses to use all of these tools.

Here are other things you can do with the tools available on the Coolmuster Toolbox

# Restore deleted files

It really sucks when you accidentally deleted a file from your Android device, while you didn’t mean to do it. Easy! You can get your deleted file back with Coolmuster.

As you can see on the main window of the Coolmuster app, there is a menu called Android Recovery. This menu allows you to recover the Android files you accidentally deleted. This menu works very well for newly deleted files. If you want to recover the files you deleted long enough time ago, like a month ago or longer, you need to root your Android device in order to let Coolmuster run a deep scan. The USB connection is required for file recovery.

# Permanently delete Android data

For a certain reason, you might want to delete the data of your Android smartphone permanently. Probably you want to sell your old Android smartphone so that you want to clean up the content on it. It is the perfect case to use the Android Eraser feature of the Coolmuster (iOS Eraser if you use iPhone).

One crucial thing to note if you want to use this feature. You will be warned that your data will be deleted permanently, making your device like a brand new one. So, you better use this feature only if you really need it.

# Transfer data from a smartphone to another one

Recently, Microsoft announced Surface Duo, a dual-screen Android-based smartphone. To be honest, this device is very tempting but we need to wait until next year to get this cool device. If you plan to own this device then you will need the Mobile Transfer feature of Coolmuster. This feature allows you to transfer the data from your old smartphone. This way, you don’t need to install the necessary apps on your Surface Duo anymore. Data you can transfer with Coolmuster are:

  • Contacts
  • Call logs
  • Text messages
  • Photos
  • Audios
  • Documents
  • Videos
  • Apps

You can transfer those data in a single click.

The cool thing

We have explained at length about the capability of Coolmuster Android Assistant in transferring your data, be it from PC to smartphone or vice versa or from a smartphone to another smartphone. One cool thing we haven’t mentioned is that you can connect your Android device with the Coolmuster Android Assistant app on your PC with Wi-Fi. In other words, you can wirelessly transfer files from PC to smartphone, or vice versa. Including large files like a RAW file of photo, video, or a PSD file.

You need to install the Coolmuster Android Assitant app on your smartphone first before being able to connect your smartphone via Wi-Fi. Unfortunately, this app is not available on Google Play yet. You need to install the app from an APK file which you can download on the Coolmuster website.

The verdict

Coolmuster Android Assistant is a cool app if you need a tool to manage your Android content via desktop. There are lots of things you can do with this app as we have covered above. It has a cool interface that is extremely easy to operate. Another good thing is that you don’t have to use a USB cable to connect your Android smartphone with your PC as it supports Wi-Fi connection. You can use Coolmuster Android Assistant whether on Windows or Mac. Coolmuster Android Assistant itself is a paid app. The trial version is available to allow you to try the offered features as well as figuring out how this tool works.

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