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What 6 Design Features a Parents Security App Should Have

Parents are always concerned about their children’s safety. However, when you can’t be with them, worrying is inevitable. Luckily for any worried parents out there, technology has come a long way, and new apps have been created that will help put some minds at ease!

One solution can be a tracking app that will allow you to track phone GPS coordinates in real-time, or will show you how to check your spouse’s text messages for free. You can enter your child’s cell number into the app, after which it starts sending you text messages with information on their location. No matter where they are, as long as they have their mobile device with them, you’ll always know about it! Just one more way technology is making family a calm and safer place.

Ans for creating them, there are a basic set of necessary features. They are listed below.

1. A Design that is Aesthetically Pleasing to the Eye

First and foremost, the app needs to look nice. Many apps try to offer some type of parental control. Still, they usually don’t succeed because parents are also interested in how it looks or how easy it is to navigate through its features and settings.

An ugly design will be unappealing to use and will make users want to delete it shortly after they download it. The best apps have a smooth and sleek design with high-quality images and graphics. One glance at your phone screen should be enough to find the main concern- if the child is safe and then see other details. All buttons should be placed in easy-to-find locations.

2. Easy to Use Navigation and a User-Friendly Interface

The best way to design the app is a simple, easy-to-understand layout. Everything should be on one page with options labeled clearly, so there’s no confusion when it comes time for mom or dad to enter their passcode or enter some clustery feature.

Also, it is essential to have clearly labeled home and exit buttons, in case the parents have to exit out of the app.

3. The Ability to Track Children’s Phone GPS Coordinates in Real-Time

If a parent has a safety concern, there should be an easy way to enter their child’s name and see where they are on a map. This will allow them to react fast to all possible concerns on their child’s movements. Also, it should show the speed and direction of moving.

4. Alerts for When a Child Enters or Leaves Designated Zones

An app like this would benefit significantly from an absence alert feature that allows parents to join their child’s school name and set up a perimeter boundary. If the student crosses it, the phone will send parents a notification. And if that movement is detected when the student should be in school, it will alert parents that something is wrong.

5. The Option of Being Notified if Someone Takes the Child’s Phone from Them

There are several situations when someone can take a child’s phone: starting from bullying to more critical situations. Parents want to be notified if someone takes their child’s phone for any reason. And every case if this scenario will result in different actions that parents will need to take.

With the new generation of apps, you can get this information on your phone, not just an email or SMS notification. They’re designed to run 24/7 on your child’s device. They provide real-time information on their location, including latitude and longitude coordinates, which means you will be notified if someone takes their child`s phone for any reason.

6. Camera Access with Live Streaming Capabilities

For you to keep an eye on your kids at all times without having to worry about them getting into trouble while you’re away from home, parents should look for apps that provide them with the best surveillance and security system. Sure, for privacy reasons, cameras should activate under only specific circumstances and give the parents the option to choose what they consider as “acceptable” reasons to activate the camera, but still. We all would like our kids never to enter dark alleys or abandoned houses.


For a security app to be as comfortable as functional, specific design features are a must. A design that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, easy to use navigation, and others are critical for a positive user experience. Still, they all together should be aimed at one primary goal- making parents’ lives easier.

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