5 Best Distraction-Free Text Editors to Boost Your Productivity

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5 Best Distraction-Free Text Editors to Boost Your Productivity

Working with text is not that easy as you might thought. Try to ask your blogger friends or anyone who spend their most days with text. Getting focus on what we are writing is not easy. There are certain factors to cause this. And text editor could be one of them.

Regarding the text editor, there are some options we can choose depend on our needs. But, if you want to boost your productivity it would be a great idea to pick a distraction-free text editor. What is the criteria of such app?

A distraction-free text editor is basically not too different to regular text editor you are used to using. The main role is same, to help you writing something you supposed to write. But, they mostly come with minimum features and menus. They should also allow you to switch to a full screen mode so you won’t see anything on your screen but text.

There are lots of text editor apps out there which claim their self as a distraction-free text editor but not truly free of distractions. I have explored and tried some of distraction-free text editor and got the best list.

1. iA Writer

Platform: iOS, Mac, Android

If you are a user of one of these platforms — iOS, Mac and Android — and is looking for a distraction-free text editor then you need to give iA Writer a try. The text editor comes with a clean interface and has no complex features to help you keep focused on your text. Its light grey background and monospaced font help you write with comfort. iA Writer comes with a Focus Mode feature that have become a standard feature of distraction-free text editor. Using simple punctuation to format your text, iA Writer lets you keep your hands on the keyboard so you can just write.

iA Writer is a nice choice if you write for online needs, blogging for instance. The text editor supports a multitude of storage services and platforms for syncing your documents between devices in real-time. More interestingly, iA Writer also compatible with online platforms such as WordPress, Dropbox and Medium. If you use iA Writer on Mac, you can also export your documents to HTML and docx.

2. Write! App

Platform: Windows, macOS and Linux

If you trust a paid app more than free ones then you can try Write! App. Other than regular notes, you can also take advantage of this text editor to create to-do list, writing projects and any kind of text. The tabbed interface allows you to handle multiple tasks at once. You might argue that a distraction-free text editor should not feature a tabbed interface like that since it can lead us to be unfocused. But, the clean interface is something Write! App want to highlight.

Write! App is also a great tool for collaborating since you can publish your documents on the web via a unique URL. When you make changes to a shared document, they are immediately updated online. Focus Mode is also available as well as dark theme for extra comfort at night hours.

3. ZenPen

Platform: Web

ZenPen is a web-based text editor so, whatever your operating system is, you can use this text editor via web browser. You will see no menu on your screen but 4 icons at the top-left corner. To get started using ZenPen all you need to is deleting the default text and replace the new one. Though it looks very simple, you can also add some formats over certain word by highlighting it. A pop up — which consist of 4 options — will appear once you highlight a certain word.

ZenPen allows you to switch to the full screen mode to get rid of all the distractions. If you more comfortable writing in a black background instead of white, you can also turn on the dark mode. The downside of ZenPen is that it hasn’t supported any cloud storage. It also doesn’t offer a storage service so you have to download your text on your computer. ZenPen offers three formats from Markdown, HTML to plain text.

4. Calmly Writer

Platform: Web, ChromeOS

Calmly Writer is similar to ZenPen in some ways. They both available on web so all operating system users can use it without any exception. The only difference, Calmly Writer comes with a richer features. You can save your projects directly on Google Drive. But, if you prefer to download your projects instead of storing them on Google Drive, you can also download your documents to your computer. If you want it, you can also customize the look of the editor — like changing the font type and size, set the margin between paragraphs and lots more. Focus Mode — which highlights only the paragraph you are editing at the time — is also available.

Furthermore, Calmly also allows you to insert images to your text. The text editor also has a richer formatting options than ZenPen. There are a number of shortcuts you can use too.

5. Omm Writer

Platform: Mac, Windows

If you need a distraction-free text editor to write a story, Omm Writer is probably the proper choice. Not only offers a minimalist design, the text editor also provide natural backgrounds and backsounds to help keep concentrated. OmmWriter opens up in full-screen mode, blocking off all the notifications you receive, so nothing disrupts your creative process.

Omm Writer is not a free app. You need to spend some dollars to get this app. Omm Writer doesn’t specify the exact price for this app. You can give as much as you want with the minimum nominal of $6.20.

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