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Case Study: Using Google Keep as a Collaboration Tool for a Web Project

There are so many internet-based apps and services that enable you working as a team for a project. If we narrowed down to note-taking app, there are at least three major names; Evernote, OneNote and Google Keep. They are comes with each characteristic.

While Evernote is tend to be suitable for longer notes (depending on how you use it actually), Google Keep is better for simpler and shorter notes. Google Keep is also a great tool for collaborating with your colleagues on a simple project, such as a website.

We are going to discus about how to use Google Keep to manage your simple project with your team. Specifically on a website project. We will begin with the how to on using Google Keep. If you have mastered Google Keep, you can skip this part and jump to the next part.

Part 1: Beginners guide to use Google Keep

Google Keep comes with a very easy-to-use interface. Its simple interface is also one of the plus points of Google Keep. Let’s swim deeper to find out how to use Google Keep.

Creating a label

In order to make your Google Keep be more organized, you need to create labels. Label is similar to Notebook in Evernote. You can gather all notes, checklists and images that are connected each other on one label.

  • Click the Create new label on the right side to create the new one.

Taking a note

Taking a new note is extremely easy in Google Keep, thanks to its clear and easy-to-use interface. At the top-center of Google Keep you can see a bar titled Take a note. Just click anywhere inside the bar and type your brief note. Don’t forget to add a title. You can also colorize your background note by clicking the palette icon.

Adding checklists

Checklist is a great idea to remind you over several things to do or items to buy. Same as taking a note, adding checklist is also extremely easy in Google Keep. On the right side of Take a note bar you can see a checklist icon. Just click on it to create a new one.

Inserting images

Let’s say you are surfing the net for an idea on your new website project. Then you find an interesting site with an intuitive interface and you wan to create the similar one. In this case, you can capture that site and put it on Google Keep to be discussed with your team.

Right next to the Checklist icon at theTake a note bar, you can see an image icon. Just click on it to insert an image.

Draw something

If note, checklist and image are not enough, you can also draw a free pattern in Google Keep. To do this, just click on the ballpoint icon next to the image icon at the Take a note bar. You will have a new canvas. You can draw anything here.

Copy a note to Google Doc

One of the best things of working with Google Keep is that we can elaborate our short notes with Google Doc to become a longer note. This will be helpful if you are a blogger or someone who work with words. You keep your idea on Google Keep to be elaborated with Google Doc to become an article.

Imagine this case.

You are on your way to your friend’s home by train. At the train station you see an incident that inspire you and you want to write it on your blog. Surely you don’t want to lose that idea, right? Then you can write your idea in a brief sentence to Google Keep with your smartphone. Once you are on the laptop, you can elaborate that idea to become a blog post.

  • Select a note that you want to copy to Google Doc.
  • Click on the three-dot icon at the bottom right-corner of the note and select Copy to Google Doc.

Part 2: Using Google Keep as a collaboration tool for a web project

Now we are in our case to use Google Keep as a simple project management for a web project. The first thing you have to do is creating a new label for your project. This will help your project be manageable. You can put anything related your project on this new label. Anytime you want to check the progress of your project just go to this label.

Unfortunately, Google Keep has no feature to let us share our label with others. But, you can still share a specific note within the label. So, don’t too worry. For example, I created a new label titled new web project. I put some notes in this label and ask my team to make any changes every time they done a new task.

Adding a member

This is key all of we’ve discussed. Without adding any member to your project notes, you just work alone. As I mentioned, Google Keep doesn’t allow us to share a label. All we can do is share a note, checklist or image. Be sure to ask your team to make any changes every time they done a new task.

  • Choose the note you want to share and click the Collaborator icon at the bottom of the note.

  • On the appearing page, add emails of your team member. Click Save once you done.


Set a reminder

You can also set a reminder to remind your team toward the deadline of your project. You can either add a reminder for a single note or multiple notes at once. To set a reminder for a single note, just choose the note you want to set and click on the reminder icon below each note.

Meanwhile, to set a reminder for multiple notes, hover your mouse over each note and click on the select icon at the top left-corner of each note. Then click on the reminder icon at top right side.


That’s how to use Google Keep as a simple project management tool for your project web. You may not get Gantt charts or project timelines with Google Keep. But, what you do get, in addition to accessibility, is what you need for simple project management.

Plus, Google ecosystem will help you to be more mobile and flexible. You can access all the progress of your project from anywhere and any device. Not limited to a single device.

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