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Have Your Tasks Neatly Organized with Pagico

Today, we have so many options of task and project management tools. In general, they have the same grand purpose: to help you to manage your tasks and the miscellaneous related to them. A task management tool commonly allows you to add tasks, set the due-dates, set the reminders, and add the supporting materials (files, notes, and so on).

Pagico is a worth-trying item if you need a tool to manage your tasks. It is a bit different from similar tools. While most task management tools require an internet connection to work — in which you are also required to create an account — you can use Pagico without an internet connection neither create an account. Pagico is a desktop-based app, which you can install on Windows, Mac, Ubuntu Linux. Read on to learn more about this tool.

What is Pagico?

Pagico is, well, a task management tool. What makes Pagico different is that it doesn’t require an internet connection to work. You can even use this tool without creating an account. This is great if you are the sort of person who doesn’t trust so much to online tools that commonly collect the users’ data. Pagico uses a local database to store your data. You will create this database on the installation process or Pagico on your computer.

Even so, Pagico also facilitates if you need to sync your data and access them across-device. In addition to desktop (Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu), Pagico is also available for Android and iPhone. There is also a browser extension for Google Chrome to allow you to instantly turn webpages or emails into a new task in Pagico.

Pagico can also handle task management for a team need. You can create a virtual workspace and invite your team members to join. You can then assign tasks to your team members in a few clicks. Recently, the developer of Pagico has just released the new version of Pagico (Pagico 9) with new features and improvements.

Pagico features

Pagico comes with all features you can expect from a task management tool. You can create projects and add tasks to them, as well as setting the due-dates, setting the reminders, assigning the tasks to your team members (if you use Pagico for a team use), and so on. Pagico also allows you to add supporting materials such as files (in any format) and notes. Since Pagico uses a local database, there is no limitation in terms of storage capacity. The limit is your system storage.

# Pagico interface

Pagico comes with an easy-to-use interface. On the main window of the Pagico app, you will see an overview of your work progress. You can instantly see the completed tasks, the overdue tasks and the tasks you have to get done next. On the top side of the Pagico interface, there is a button to create a new task, making it easy for you to add a new task. Below this button, you can see the pinned projects. A pinned project works as a shortcut to access your project and the content inside it.

You can display the content (tasks) of a project in a timeline or calendar mode. Displaying the content in the timeline mode allows you to get them done sequently, while the calendar view mode allows you to see the tasks on a certain date.

You can use the left panel to jump between projects. On top of the left panel, there is a search box which you can use to search for content on your Pagico. You can search nearly anything with this search box. From projects, tasks, files (you can even search for a file based on file extension) to contact. This search feature is your savior if you have too many projects and tasks to be managed. You can easily find a task and the supporting materials with a keyword.

The search feature of Pagico is pretty handy and powerful in helping you to find certain items. It allows you to execute multi-criteria search queries, such as finding all documents that were modified within the past week, or all the pending tasks in the next 7 days. Another interesting part from the Pagico interface is that it comes with dark mode (which has become a “trend” today with services like YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram offer a dark mode).

# Task management feature

Before being able to add a task or list, Pagico requires you to create a project. There are lots of ways to make your projects and tasks neatly organized and discoverable. When adding a new project or contact, for instance, you can add a tag on the available field.

To tag a task, you can type “@”. The list of the existing tags will appear once you type “@”.

Tagging a project or task will make it be more discoverable on the search box of Pagico. The search feature of Pagico supports multi-tag filtering, resulting in a dynamic hierarchical structure for all the projects.

Editing the existing tasks on a project is pretty easy. You can simply double-click the task you want to edit or right-click and select Edit. If you have too many tasks on a project, you can filter them to make it easy for you to find a task to edit. There are several filter criteria you can apply, including tag.

Pagico also lets you link a task on a project to other projects so you don’t have to create a new task if you want to add the same task on different projects. Furthermore, you can also create color-coded categories with customizable color choices.

# Teamwork capability

If you are a project manager with several team members, you can also use Pagico to manage their tasks. You can use Pagico to assign tasks to your team members, as well as setting the due-dates and set reminders to make sure that their tasks are getting done on time.

To use Pagico for teamwork, you can create a workspace on the left panel. Once created, you can invite your team members to join, as well as select which project you want to share and sync.

Each user on your workspace gets 2GB of storage capacity (costs $4 per month). One of the interesting things is that when using Pagico for teamwork, the workspace data capacity only applies to data in your workspace. So, you and other users on your workspace can store as many files as you want on other projects outside the workspace, without reducing the given capacity.


Another difference between Pagico and other task management tools out there is you don’t need to spend monthly subscription fee unless you use Pagico to manage your team tasks. Pagico applies a one-time purchase model which costs $50 for a single license. If you want to install Pagico on multiple computers, you only need to pay a $5 additional fee per computer. There is also a huge discount for students.

Pagico offers a 15-day trial to allow you to test out its capability in managing your tasks.

The verdict

Pagico is a great tool to manage your busy days full of tasks. With this tool, you can easily find out which tasks you need to get done today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and so on using its calendar view or timeline view. Instead of storing your data on the cloud, Pagico uses a local database so you can store as much data as you want without worrying about running out of the storage capacity. The limit is the storage capacity of your PC.

If you need to access your data across-device (such as Android smartphone or iPhone), Pagico also offers a syncing feature. You can sync selected data only. Pagico also has the capability to manage the tasks of your team in case you are a project manager and need to manage your team task.

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