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Best Markdown Editors for All Platforms

You have probably heard about Markdown, a simple markup language alternative to HTML. Or plain text, depend on how you use it. Markdown stands in the middle between HTML and plain text.

Markdown is pretty similar to HTML but has a simpler formatting syntax. It uses no complex tags like HTML does. Markdown uses punctuation and characters you are already familiar with to format your text. For example, you just need to add a “#” symbol right before a sentence/word to make it a header. No closing tag is required.

Unlike HTML, Markdown has fewer formatting options. Generally, there are only about 10 formatting options you can add in Markdown including heading, italic, bold, bullet and numbered list etc. Although it was originally designed as the alternative to HTML, Markdown has been widely implemented in readme files, to-do lists and even notes.

Markdown Editor

Markdown editor is a tool that you can use to write a Markdown text. You can actually use a regular text editor you usually use to write plain text. But, it gives you no live preview. Some Markdown editors have a splitted interface. One for writing down your text and another to view your text.

Each platform including Windows, Mac and Linux has their own Markdown editor. Need a flexible Markdown editor to enable you editing your text from anywhere? You can also take advantages of web-based Markdown editors too.

If you have been falling in love to Markdown due to its simplicity and want to look for the best Markdown editor for your platform, the following list might can help you.

Markdown editor for Linux

1. Remarkable

Remarkable is not specifically designed for Linux platform. You can also install this editor in your Windows machine. Writing a Markdown text using Remarkable is fun and addicted. This tool features a live preview to enable you seeing your changes as you make them. Comes with a customizable, Remarkable also supports Github-flavoured markdown as well as spellchecking, word count and MathJax for advanced formatting. You can directly export your Markdown text to HTML and PDF.

2. Mark My Words

If you are a member of those who love something minimalist, Mark My Words is suit you. This Markdown editor comes with a simpler interface but not in feature. You will also see a splitted interface to work. While writing your text on the left side of the editor you can instantly preview your text on the right side. You can also directly export your text to HTML or PDF. If you don’t like the default appearance of Mark My Words you can also make some changes to meet your taste.

3. Haroopad

Haroopad is quite similar to Remarkable. It’s also not specialized for Linux platform. Mac and Windows users can also use this cool Markdown editor. Working with Haroopad is also fun since you can also customize the look to meet your flavor. Your text will be saved with a .mdextension. The Haroopad team is working on new features to enable you export your texts to popular web-based platforms like WordPress, Tumblr, MediaWiki and so on.

4. Typora

Typora uses a different approach in helping you creating a Markdown document. Instead of offering a splitted interface, Typora only gives a single display with the aim to help you keep focused on what you are going to write. However, Typora gives you a freedom to customize the look of its interface. Whether you want to display the source code, info panel or outline panel. If you want to keep far away from distractions you can also switch to full screen mode.

Typora isn’t also available for Linux only. It also supports Windows and Mac (still in beta).

Markdown editor for Windows

Haroopad, Remarkable and Typora are examples of cross-platform Markdown editors. Which mean, you can’t only install them on a single device with a certain operating system but also other machine with different operating system. But, if you want more options of Markdown editor for Windows, take a look the list below.

1. MarkUpDown

I don’t know your problem with the free app but if you prefer to use a paid app instead of free you can try MarUpDown. This tool is priced $14.99 and available in Microsoft Store. The Markdown editor describes itself as the most thoughtful professional Markdown editor for Windows. With this tool you can create multiple Markdown texts at once since it supports multiple tabs. One of interesting features of MarkUpDOwn is the ability to upload images to imgur, a popular free image hosting.

2. Texts

Another paid option you can pick if you want a “professional taste” Markdown editor. Unlike MarkUpDown, Texts gives a 30-day free trial to allow you dig up its features. The way Texts works is generally not too different to other tools in this list. You can apply styles to words or paragraphs and immediately see the results. Your images and tables are displayed directly within Texts.

3. MarkdownPad

MarkdownPad is probably the most popular Markdown editor for Windows platform. This tool comes with regular splitted interface. One for typing your text another for previewing it. MarkdownPad is a kind of freemium app. You are allowed to use this app for free but with fewer features. This app also supports multiple tabs to enable you create multiple documents at once.

Markdown editor for Mac

Just like Windows and Linux, there are also developers who create Markdown editors for Mac platform. If you are a Mac user and is looking for a Markdown editor to work, you can consider the following list.

1. iA Writer

As you have probably known, Mac (and Apple generally) is well-known for its exclusivity. Most Mac apps are paid. Including this one. iA Writer is one of the Markdown editors you can install on your Mac device. This app is priced $9.99.

2. Byword

Byword is also a paid app but it’s really worth to try since it has a number features you will love to. Including the ability to transfer you text into a blog post in WordPress, Tumblr and Blogger. Your documents can also be exported to Word, PDF or RTF. Byword has been enhanced for macOS Sierra by adding more features including autosave, split screen, full screen, tags and so on. You need to pay for $11.99 to use this app.

3. Mou

If you are a developer and want a professional taste of Markdown editor for Mac, Mou probably is the best stop. The Mou’s creator meant this editor for developers. Generally, the Mou’s features are not too different to other Markdown editors in this list. Some features you can get from Mou including live preview, sync scroll, auto save, powerful actions, auto pair and so on. This tool also allows you convert your documents to HTML or PDF.

4. MacDown

The MacDown’s creator honestly admits that his creation is inspired by Mou. That’s why there is not much different between both editors. The only different is that MacDown is released under the MIT License as an open source app. You can download and use this app for free.

Online Markdown editors

Today, everything is about online. Nearly all desktop-based tools are also available the online version. Markdown editor is no exception. The major advantage of online-based tool is that you can work from anywhere via web browser without having to install any additional app. Below are some best online Markdown editors that you can use to create Markdown documents.

1. StackEdit

The first option of online Markdown editors you can consider is StackEdit. There is no conspicuous different between this tool to regular (desktop) Markdown editor. The only different is that you can access this tool from anywhere via web browser without having to install any additional app and stick with single device. You will also see a splitted interface to work. The good thing about this tool is that you can also manage your Markdown documents since the also features some kind of document manager.

2. Dillinger

Dillinger is probably the best online Markdown editor. This online tool is very feature-rich. First, it offers a splitted interface just like other editors in the list. Second, you can import your Markdown documents from your local and cloud storage. Third, you can export your documents to cloud storage services such as Dropbox, Google Drive to One Drive. You can also connect your account to Github. Other features include auto save, word count and so on.

3. Markable

The first two online Markdown editors above didn’t require you to login to start creating a document. The different case goes to Markable. You need an account to write a document with this tool. Markable is another feature-rich online Markdown editor. Its handy features include document management. This Markdown editor also allows you import document from online services — including Dropbox and Evernote — but not from your local storage. If you are Tumblr user then you will love Markable so much since you can directly post your documents to Tumblr.


Same as Markable. You need to have an account first before being able to create document in Generally, the features of this online Markdown editor are not too different to other online Markdown editors above. You can also connect your account to Dropbox if you want to have an online backup of your documents.

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