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Messengers for Business: A Comparison of The Best

When most companies have moved to remote work, the question of convenience and security of internal communication has become even more acute. What messenger to use to be convenient, inexpensive, functional, and safe? Check more information at appslikethese.

In this article, we will discuss why corporate messengers are needed and conduct a comparative analysis of the most popular and in-demand ones.

Corporate messengers: Slack, Hangouts, Skype

Corporate messenger is an application or program that allows company employees to communicate with one another. With their help, you can exchange instant messages, files, documents, create separate chats, and organize the chaos of correspondence.

Another important advantage is the ability to create reminders for employees. Corporate messengers are used by a large number of companies of various sizes and especially during remote work.

Advantages of using corporate messengers:

  1. Convenient communication and fast communication. Even at home, employees can quickly share news about a project, ask a question and get an answer, and always be in touch. In addition, all correspondence is stored, so you can return to it at any time and view the information again.
  2. Creating chats by topics. To avoid writing in one chat about everything in the world, you can create several chats and in each of them discuss a specific project. This helps to avoid confusion and information leaks because in the chat on each project you can add only those participants who are involved in it.
  3. Video calls. Corporate messengers can be used not only for instant messaging but also for video calls, including group calls.

So, what solutions are available, and how to choose the most suitable one for the company and the employees?


One of the first corporate messengers, which, for the most part, is designed for video calls. Despite this, it can be used to send text, voice, and video messages, to exchange files. Skype also has simple bots where you can find out the weather or read jokes.

The application has a set of basic features: audio calls, video conferencing, screen sharing, instant messaging. In addition, there are necessary options for interaction: group and private chats, polls, file sharing.


Not the strongest side of the messenger. Some of Skype’s security measures can be attributed to the standard. For example, HTTPS protocol for the web version, encryption using the AES-256 algorithm, and additional measures that ensure that the application is difficult to hack.

In addition, Skype has recently begun to support the creation of secret chats with end-to-end encryption. Data with such encryption is available only to the interlocutors.

The privacy breach stems from clauses in the app’s terms of use. They state that the information that users pass to each other is scanned to combat spam and fraud.

Main advantages of Skype:

  • Available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and the app is supported on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.
  • There is integration with Bitrix24 and Planfix.
  • You can send any files: mp3, images, text.
  • You can create group chats with message history.


  • Low security;
  • Slow download;
  • Low data transfer rate;
  • Hang-ups and other bugs while working;
  • Poor video quality if more than five people are connected during a group call;
  • A large number of ads that take up 25% of all available space.


This corporate messenger was the first to hit the market and has helped millions of users structure communication within the team. To start communicating in Slack, you need to create a team, invite participants in it and divide everyone into chats.

Communication in the messenger is possible both in private messages and in groups. It is possible to write text messages, make video calls, record voice messages.

In addition, Slack has the option of commenting on individual messages, showing the screen to the interlocutor, setting up notifications.


The application works on the HTTPS protocol, supports two-factor authentication. Also, the messenger has a kill switch function – in the case of a hacker attack, the chat administrator can simultaneously force all users to change their passwords.

The main benefits of Slack:

  • Integration with a large number of different services;
  • It is possible to program bots to answer typical questions or comments from employees;
  • Monitoring mentions of the company on the Internet and sending them to a special chat room;
  • Suitable for installation on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS;
  • Clear interface without unnecessary details.


  • Free version with limited functionality;
  • More suitable for use in large companies;
  • Each team is a closed system, so there is no way to add participants to the chats of other projects.


Hangouts messenger was created by Google. What distinguishes Hangouts from other applications is the ability to see at a glance who read the message and who wrote a reply. Using Hangouts messenger you can write messages, exchange files, and make calls. In addition, there is a function of archiving data. Received photos or videos are uploaded to online albums, and the correspondence itself is stored on servers.


Messenger is used for confidential correspondence, exchange of information and files, which indicates its high security. Hangouts messages are encrypted immediately at the moment of transmission.

Main advantages:

  • The ability to create group conferences for up to 100 people;
  • Integration with Google+ and Gmail services;
  • Synchronization of correspondence on all devices;
  • Attractive interface with clear functionality.


  • Lack of video conferencing.

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