6 Microsoft Outlook Add-ons to Help You be More Productive

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6 Microsoft Outlook Add-ons to Help You be More Productive

Instead of accessing email via web browser, some people prefer to use desktop-based email client app to access their inboxes. Microsoft Outlook is one of most famous names in terms desktop email client app.

By default, the Microsoft’s product is ready to manage your emails. However, people always wish something more from an app. Microsoft Outlook lets you to install additional add-ons to enable you get the more of it. In other hand, there are some third parties that develop add-ons for Outlook, starting from free to paid ones.

If you are looking for an Outlook add-on to gain your productivity at work, here are some that you can consider.

1. Evernote For Outlook

Evernote is not just an app for taking notes or creating lists. It’s also a huge tool for collaborating with your team in a project. If you use both Outlook and Evernote to aid your work, you can now combine them by installing Evernote For Outlook. What you can do by integrating the two?

Depending on how creative your are. But, I will give you a hint. For example, you can share your specific email with some people in your team. Evernote For Outlook is a free add-ons that works well on Outlook version 2013 or higher.

2. MailWasher

Normally, people will start their productive days by opening their inboxes. Sadly, not all inboxes delivered to your email account are important enough. Some are just junk. Spending your morning by opening all the messages can really waste your time.

Luckily, there is a free Outlook add-on to aid you cut down the amount of junk messages. It’s MailWasher. This add-on works by blocking messages that are indicated as spam. The spam messages will be blocked on the server before you even download them to your computer. You can also delete unwanted message easily in a single click.

3. Text Lightning

Time is money. Oh, it’s valuable than money. So, never waste it anymore. Text Lightning is a time-saving add-on to help you reply every message quicker than before. How it works?.

Simple enough, it gives you instant access to the text you have used to reply to similar messages in the past. You need only think of the best response to a question once and then reuse it whenever you are asked again. Text Lighting is also a free add-on. So, there no bad to try it.

4. Trello

Another great tool to lets you work effectively as a team. Trello works by allowing you add some emails to a virtual board. The board is viewable by your team member. From this board, tasks can be assigned and marked as “in-progress” or “complete”. The add-on is free but you need to register in order to make it works.

5. Total Outlook Converter Pro

I don’t know if you impressed with the idea of converting emails to PDF or not. But anytime you need to do that with your Outlook, you can turn to Total Outlook Converter Pro. Not only PDF, you can also convert your emails to DOC files. Who knows, in the next days you need to turn your emails to a document. Additionally, you can also convert your emails to some other formats such as XPS, HTML, EML, XLS and more. Unfortunately, you need to pay some dollars before being able to use this add-on.

6. Sender’s Time Zone

We are now live in the age of collaboration. The massive growth of cloud services allow us to collaborate with other people without any limitation from city, even country. While sending or receiving a message you may want to check the exact local time of your sender’s/receiver’s. No no. You don’t need to open your web browser to start Googling. Having Sender’s Time Zone installed on your Outlook enable yo to do that kind of task easily.

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