The Main Mobile App Development Trends That Will Define Tech Advancement in 2021

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The Main Mobile App Development Trends That Will Define Tech Advancement in 2021

Mobile game development is a direction that is rapidly gaining momentum. Already, the pool of mobile games has surpassed its PC and console counterparts, taking over half of the entire market.

Applications are largely driven by current technological advances (like online app builders) and consumer demands. Undoubtedly, new changes await us in 2021, which have already received their first impetus in 2020. The pandemic has fundamentally changed the lifestyles of all people and provoked a much faster technological leap than could be expected.

Knowing what to expect in the current year is incredibly important for any mobile game development agency that wants to stay afloat and keep customers interested. So, our task today is to highlight the most remarkable trends of the current year that will have a particular impact on the mobile development market.

Mobile Education Trends

Mobile development is not only the entertainment industry and serious business solutions. It is also a great way to modernize the educational segment. The development of technology stimulates easier and faster access for students to any information. Teachers get the ability to customize the educational process for each subject and even for each student.

The most significant mobile development trends with a direct impact on the education sector will be the more advanced AR, VR and the widespread adoption of AI. The latter is intended to make the educational process more modern, interactive and productive.

AR and VR are also very promising directions for use in education. Already, there are the first attempts of teachers to use gameplay of different entertainment products in order to convey information to students in a more vivid and dynamic form. The higher the level of immersion, the better students will absorb information and develop long-term skills.

Mobile Healthcare Trends

Mobile app development in the field of medicine are now not just an improvement, they are a necessity. Moreover, we are talking not only about options that help people lead a healthy lifestyle, but also directly those that simplify and speed up the appointment with a doctor, receiving online consultations and other services that can be implemented remotely.

Not entirely new, but definitely improved mobile trends in the healthcare industry in 2021 will be the increase in the number and advancement of wearable devices and telemedicine. Fitness bracelets and smartwatches will continue to be in demand in the market. Most people continue to work remotely and find it difficult to balance their activity throughout the day.

Telemedicine is the second trend we mentioned above. This is just an opportunity for remote consultation of a patient with a narrow-profile specialist about diagnosis or treatment. Thanks to special applications, medical workers can:

  • Examine patients remotely;
  • Conduct consultations;
  • Collect anamnesis;
  • Request and send information about the course of diseases;
  • Prescribe treatment and issue sick leaves.

Mobile Gaming Trends

Of course, the gaming industry cannot be ignored. Everything here boiled in 2020 and will continue to do so in 2021. Growth of more than 10% per year is not the limit, so this year will bring many surprises and improved facets of already emerging directions.

Augmented and virtual reality will become smoother and more realistic. Cloud gaming will expand the gaming experience of people with weak hardware. It will allow them to play hardcore games, like Call of Dragons, without a download using only the Internet.

The emergence of the new 5G networking standard greatly simplifies the possibilities of gaming. Its speed is a huge leap forward since it is several times higher than that of 4G. Its ubiquity will greatly improve the functionality of mobile gaming applications.

Final Words

The emergence of new trends is inevitable every year. 2020 shaped technical development with a bunch of offline restrictions. And 2021 will clearly surprise us with advanced solutions. Most of the experienced mobile game development companies have already tuned in to the right wave. They are ready for new achievements in accordance with the spirit of the times.

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