6 Recommended Professional Chat Apps to Work Collaboratively

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6 Recommended Professional Chat Apps to Work Collaboratively

We are living in the age where everything is all about internet. Isn’t?. Wherever you are, you can work remotely and collaboratively with your colleagues around the world. With a little help from internet-based apps.

These days people are faced with so many options of chat apps. While regular chat apps like WhatsApp nd Line are great for a personal conversation, there some services that are designed for the professional scope to enable them working collaboratively from different locations.

Most professional chat apps come with a numbers of additional features to make collaborative work be more fun and convenient. If you are looking for the best professional chat apps to work remotely with your colleagues, the list below may can help you.

1. Slack

Slack is one the most-chosen app in terms of collaboration tool. You can use this app whether from web browser, desktop to smartphone. All platform, including Linux, are supported by this service. Slack is a great tool for a real time chat. With Slack you can create dedicated chat channels for different issues, projects and topics that can be shared with the entire team. Not only text, you can also share audios, images, videos and other resources to be discussed with your team member.

You can use this tool for free. However, if you need something more you can also upgrade to the paid plan any time.

2. Gitter

This service comes with a powerful, feature-rich free plan although paid plain is also available. Gitter would a great choice for developers working on some projects. It also supports integrations with other services, including GitHub which is one of the best resources in developing an app. With full Markdown support including syntax highlighting, you’re equipped with all the features to easily converse about and share your code snippets.

Gitter is also a truly cross-platform service that can be used on desktop, web and mobile devices. The tool would be a handy hub for your collaborative project.

3. Flowdock

This is a great professional chat app with a low price for its paid plan. It’s also fully cross-platform app. Whether you are a Mac, Windows or Linux user you can use this app on your desktop. Of course you can also use this app on your web browser if you don’t want to install any additional app on your desktop. Flowdock integrates both email and chat features into one service. You can also combine this app to work with other cloud-based services, including GitHub.

4. ChatWork

If you have a group of professionals and is looking for a chat app that can be used collectively, ChatWork is also a nice choice to consider. Its name tells it all. ChatWork also comes with a numbers for features to ease your teamwork such as file sharing, video call and a lot more. The app also features a notification system to keep you up-to-date about the conversations. This tool can also be used on some platforms including Windows, Mac and Android. Linux is currently hasn’t supported but you can run the app from web browser.

5. Flock

Describing it self as the number one team messenger, Flock is a bit similar to Slack but with fewer features. The service focused on delivering a better team communication by letting you creating a group chat and enable your member to share not only only text but also other resources including images and audios. You or your member can also share a certain programming code to be discussed. Flock is also integrated with other services such as Google Drive, GitHub, Twitter, Google Analytics and a lot more. You can also use this app whether via web browser or desktop and mobile device. Two desktop-based operating systems that are supported by this service are Windows and Mac.

6. Office Chat

This team messaging app is developed to help every employee get a better conversation with their office mates. You an your office mates can exchange documents, videos to important messages in  real time. You can either do real time group or private chat through this app. Office Chat also supports a powerful instant notification system to keep you in the loop with any delays.

Office Chat also supports integrations with several services like Slack, GitHub, MailChimp, Zendesk and and a lot more. Apart from web and desktop (Windows and Mac), you can also run the app from your Android smartphone and tablet. iPhone and iPad are also supported.

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