5 Read-It-Later Apps for Better Reading Experience

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5 Read-It-Later Apps for Better Reading Experience

Did you ever find an interesting article on the internet but have not enough time read the whole article? A read-it-later app can be a nice savior to keep that article from disappear so that you can read it once you have enough time.

If you find the article while working with web browser you can actually bookmark it. But, it means that you can only access the bookmarked article via the same web browser and computer, which is very inflexible.

All read-it-later apps below allow you to access all of the bookmarked webpages across devices. For instance, you can bookmark certain webpage in web browser on your desktop and read it on your smartphone.

1. Pocket

Pocket is a popular read-it-later app and bookmark manager. You can use this app to save interesting links you find on your social media feeds or anywhere. This app offers an in-app reader which means that you won’t be redirected to web browser to read an article. The mobile app of Pocket is available for Android and iOS. Kobo users can also use Pocket to read all of the articles that have been saved. Read here to learn how to use Pocket.

2. Raindrop.io

Same as Pocket, Raindrop.io can also be used as an online bookmark manager other than read-it-later app. This app also allows you to become as flexible as possible since it provides app for a wide range of platforms from web, macOS, Windows, Android to iOS. Browser extension — which is available for Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera — is also available to make your job in saving new links be far more easier. The mobile app of Raindrop.io also features in-app reader to make your reading activity be much fun. Anytime you find an interesting article on the internet you can save it to Raindrop.io to read it later, across devices.

3. Basket

Basket is also a cool read-it-later app. Currently, the mobile app of Basket is only available for Android. The Android app of Basket also features an in-app reader to makes it easy for you to read the saved articles.

Is Basket only available for Android?

Of course not. You can also use this app on web to save all of the interesting links during browsing as well as manage them. In order to ease your job in adding new links you can also install the browser extension of Basket which is available for Google Chrome and Firefox as well.

4. Instapaper

Instapaper is an online bookmark manager and read-it-later app owned by Pinterest. Overall, the features and capabilities of this app are not far different to other apps above. You can also save links from web browser to open them on your Android smartphone as well as iPhone. Browser extension is also available for Chrome and Firefox. Instapaper also comes with an intuitive in-app reader which is can be customized. You can change the the font size as well as type. If you don’t like the default white interface there is also an option to change it to dark or sepia.

Furthermore, the in-app reader of Instapaper also support a full screen mode to get rid all of the distractions. As you scroll down, the reader will automatically turn to the full screen mode.

5. Diigo

Last but not least. Another read-it-later app that you can use to read articles across devices is Diigo. Same as apps mentioned above, Diigo can also be used as an online bookmark manager which mean you can also use this app on web other than smartphone. The mobile app of Diigo is available for Android and iOS. Diigo mobile app also features a nice in-app reader. In addition to bookmarking and reading articles, you can take advantage of Diigo to take notes.

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  1. Another read it later app to consider is Zholink. This app is intended for news junkies who want to save thousands of links in hopes of reading them later, yet still be able to find them. There are a multitude of different lists. The Public Links are like news reader lists, while My Links are links that you’ve saved and sorted in different ways. Currently, it’s only available on Android though.


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