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5 Best Shared Calendar Apps for Collaboration

In the digital age where everything is about collaboration like today calendar apps play a vital role. They are not merely apps to show you the current date but also help you organizing your schedules.

If you run a startup with a small number of team, everything will be better if you guys be open each other. Including everything related to the meeting with clients/partners schedules.

If it’s needed you can install a shared calendar app to help your team member keep updated with the latest company schedules. Or to remind other member to finish the task they are doing before the deadline is coming.

Whatever your purpose with a shared calendar app, here is the list you can pick.

1. Google Calendar

There are tens reasons why Google Calendar is the first app to consider if you are looking for a shared calendar app. First, the app is free. Second, Google Calendar is cross-platform app that you can install on both Android and iPhone devices. It’s also possible for you to access the calendar via web browser. Furthermore, Google Calendar is also easy to use and chances are your team already familiar with it.

Apart from personal use, you can also use Google Calendar to support your business activities. You can use the app to share the meeting schedules, appointments and so on easily with your team member easily.

2. UpTo

UpTo is some kind of calendar-based social media. The app enables you to follow events you care about and share them with your friends or coworkers. You can also use this app for tracking individual activity in real time. This app can be integrated with the other apps like Google Calendar, iCloud, Outlook to Facebook Events. You will be able to see all the events and schedules in a single screen.

Generaly, UpTo consists of to two layers. The front layer displayes your existing calendar while the back layer includes calendars you follow based on your likes and interest. UpTo is available in both Android and iOS platform.

3. Teamup Calendar

Teamup Calendar is one of the best choices if you really need a shared calendar app as a collaboration tool with your team. As described on its official site, Teamup simplifies how a team shares plans, schedules events and communicate statuses. Color-code calendars for team members, jobs, projects, and bookable resources. It can be centrally managed and easily shared via links with granular access control.

One of interesting features of this app is that your team members are not required to have an account to follow the schedules. This app is also available in iPhone and Android. Want to access your calender from web? You can do it too.

4. TimeTree

Just like other apps mentioned above, TimeTree also allows you to share your schedules with the others, which mean you can also utilize this app for helping your team communication. TimeTree is a bit similar to UpTo where you can follow your friends accounts to see their latest schedules. The use of TimeTree is not limited to business.

As you can see from its official site, you can also use this app to keep in touch with your family member’s activities. Furthermore, this app can also be used in some activities related to education. You can use TimeTree on Android, iPhone or web.

5. Hub

The shared calendar apps mentioned above tend to be developed for business use. Even though you can also utilize them for other needs. But, Hub is different. It’s originally developed for home instead of business. The main goal of Hub is to help you to manage your busy lives by helping your home and family keep organized. So, instead of business, Hub is tend to be ideal for your family life. The app is also available in both Android and iPhone.

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