Should You Get Procreate If You Can’t Draw?

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Should You Get Procreate If You Can’t Draw?

If you have been thinking about getting Procreate, but then got held back by the fact that you are not really an artist? Well, in this post we will tell you how you can use Procreate in many useful ways even if you can’t draw!

1. Practice Your Drawing Skills:

Procreate will be a huge help to take your drawing skills to the next level. Because of all the tools and colors, it has for you to experiment with, plus a brush library with lots of brushes and effects for you to choose from. In addition to that, you can always expand your brush library by downloading high-quality Procreate brushes.

Procreate is also a layer-based program that allows you to reduce the opacity of your sketches so that you can sketch a new and improved drawing on top of the rough sketch you created beforehand.

One of the perks of having Procreate is that you can import your own reference into the program and keep it side by side with your drawing to help you improve on your drawing skills.

You can actually combine the last two tips and trace over your reference in order to better learn how you can draw something that you are not yet able to draw.

2. Design and Self-publish Your Own Notebooks:

You can use Procreate to design your very own notebooks, then self-publish and sell them online via Amazon KDP or other self-publishing platforms.

You can either do that manually by drawing lines and tables or you can always check out stamp brushes. One example would be a planner and notebook stamps brush set. It includes tracker tables, calendar stickers, dots, grids and lines! How cool is that!

3. Use it to Do Graphic Designing for Your Page/Business/Startup:

Procreate can also be used to design social media posts, flyers, banners, cover images and just about anything else! And it has a bunch of tools that are going to help make it very easy and user friendly. Some of those tools are “Copy & Paste”, “Selection”, where you can select and move your object around. Procreate also allows you to insert text over your design.

4. Easily Create and Tweak Drawings

Given that you really can’t draw that well, we are going to tell you how you can use Procreate to create a very basic however lovely and very good drawings! We are first going to introduce you to three tools that you can use to create your very first drawing! First one is “Quickshape” where you just draw any shape with your pencil and hold the pencil for a couple of seconds before lifting it off of the screen!

Second one is “Liquify” Which basically allows you to manipulate whatever you drew by either pushing or pulling its edges around.

And for the last tool is copy and paste. We use it to create copies of the artwork we just created! Gave them some numbers and now have some art that could be used for children!

5. Create Simple Animation

You can even use Procreate to make some really simple animations or GIFs. All you have to do is draw the same elements on different layers, so that when you animate the layers together it will look like you have drawn on paper pages and flipping them quickly would make it look like the drawing is moving.

6. Edit Your Own Photos

You can even use Procreate to edit your photos like maybe blur the background or even use it to get a PNG of a part of your photo so you can add it on top of other images or backgrounds!

So, without hesitating we recommend you go, get yourself Procreate, and get creative!

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