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Line is one of the big players in the instant messaging market. You can do a lot of things with Line aside of chatting. Including make a voice call and video call. You can also keep in touch with your favorite artists or brands that you really care about.

Official account is a Line’s feature that allows you to stay connected with your favorite artists or brands. The feature is similar to Facebook’s Fan Page, but with a fairer algorithm. Once you added an official Line account of your favorite artists/brands, you will be notified every time they send a broadcast message. You can also see their posts on your Line’s timeline.

Adding official Line accounts is a great way to keep you stay up to date with your favorite artists/brands. But, for a specific reason, you may want to stop getting notification from them. Unfortunately, Line didn’t offer a simple way to do this.

You can follow these steps to stop notification from a specific official account in Line. Please note, this method will remove each official account from your Line contact. Which mean, you can’t see them on your Line timeline anymore. This article will show you how to stop notification from official Line account on Android device.

  • Launch your Line app and head to your contact list. Click on the Friends option to see your contacts. On the top side, you will see a green circle of the Official Accounts



  • Click and hold the official account that you want to stop. And choose Block


  • Return to your contact list and head to Add Friends next to the search icon on the top-right corner


  • On the new window, click on the gear icon on the top-right corner


  • On the new window, choose Blocked Users on the bottom. Choose an account that you want to remove and click the Edit button and then Click Remove option


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