The 6 Video Editors You Can Use to Edit MOV Videos

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The 6 Video Editors You Can Use to Edit MOV Videos

MOV is the format that the movie saved in Apple QuickTime uses. Some camcorders like the Canon PowerShot S110 will save the videos you record in MOV. Since it is an Apple file, you will be able to edit it in an Apple compatible video editor. The following are the 6 video editors you can use to edit MOV QuickTime video file.

1. QuickTime

You can just go to the QuickTime page and download the QuickTime player to edit your video. With QuickTime player, you will be able to make basic edits on the video such as trim, rotate/flip, and merge clips. The editing tools are found under the edit menu in the QuickTime player tool. To add audio to your video, simply drag it into the software. If the audio is added successfully, you will see the audio file name below the video files. If you want to save a similar copy of your video, you simply go to File -> Duplicate.

2. iMovie

If you have Mac, you can use iMovie to edit the MOV video. iMovie is not free and you have to purchase the software. It will load your video frame by frame so that you can edit efficiently. There are lots of trailer templates you can use to create trailer videos. The template comes with the outline, storyboard and shortlist. There are also 30 video filters and 20 audio filters that you can use on your video. You can make a number of adjustments on your video including contrast, saturation, and temperature.

3. Movavi Video Editor

Movavi’s Free Video Editor is a basic video editor for performing simple edits on videos you want to share on social media. There is a timeline with markers for you to select unwanted parts and delete them. Audio can be integrated into the video by dragging it into the audio track. The timeline also supports pictures. So, if you want to make a slideshow, you can just drag the entire folder of pictures into the timeline and it will open all of them. Basic tools like cut, crop, rotate, adjust volume, slow/fast motion, Chroma key, and split screen are supported in the software.

4. Windows Movie Maker

If you run Windows, you actually can use Windows Movie Maker to edit the MOV video. Windows Movie Maker has a straightforward interface and you don’t have to read any tutorial to use it. You can perform basic editing such as crop, transitions, add title and resize on the video. On the left, you will be able to find editing tools such as effects, titles, and transitions. The Auto Movie tool can generate a movie quickly based on the video clips and photos that you select. You can also post the video directly to video sharing sites.

5. VSDC Free Video Editor

VSDC is one of the best alternatives to QuickTime video editor. The software looks hard to use because of the complex interface. VSDC has a video stabilization feature that can remove camera shaking effects especially on photos taken with action cameras or drones. VSDC can create and customize a 3D diagram. You can also record footage directly in VSDC but you will have to connect your webcam, IP camera. It comes with extra software like DVD burning tool and desktop video capture. Both 4K and 4D videos are supported.

6. Video Toolbox

Video Toolbox is a free MOV video editor that offers impressive video conversion. You can convert a video of file size up to 600 MB with the software. If you go to the Video Toolbox site and create an account, you will get free cloud storage of 300 MB to store your videos. When you load a video, it will display a lot of details such as resolution, and framerate. It can extract elements from your video including audio, and subtitle text. Video Toolbox does not provide any effects like animation and color filters for you to add to your video.

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