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The Best Reverse Phone Lookup Service

Has an odd number ever called you? There is a big problem with phone scams. The rising robocalling and spoofing technology has made scams to be more sophisticated. Online and phone scams are more frequent as the tech industry grows. The different types of false claims and fraudulent calls have been around for a long time. Callers can trick you as a result of the ever-growing technology.

On a positive note, it’s possible to identify unknown callers. You can use a reverse phone lookup service.

The Best Reverse Phone Lookup Services


It’s the best free reverse phone lookup service on the internet. The investors claim they had an inspiration to help limit phone abuse. They help find the person behind the anonymous calls. The inventors were not after making a profit.

You only need to type in the whole phone number; you need to look up and click the name lookup button.


It’s a paid reverse phone lookup service. You need to register to unlock and complete the report. The data will include all the available information about the phone number. It consists of the names, location, and current address.

The service has two plans: the basic plan and the pro plan. The basic plan is $24.95 per month and has 50 credits. The pro plan is $44.95 per month with 100 credits. One search costs one credit. You have the option of buying 2, 5, 10, or 40 credits instead of subscribing to the monthly costs.


It’s more than a reverse phone lookup service. Apart from the phone number search, you can enter the physical address, email, or name to search. The free search gives basic information. You will need to register to unlock the complete profile. The full profile includes contact information, family background, photos, and personal details. It also has court records.

You can unlock the individual Spokeo reports for $0.95. You also buy a one-month membership discounted at $19.95 per month. You can also opt for the three-month option for $14.95 per month.

Public Seek

It’s among the best phone lookup platforms. The search engine will help unmask a scam caller and an unknown caller. You will verify catfish identity, among other things.
You can use the site as a background check tool. The report includes the caller’s name, address history, and social media account.

It also has the contact information linked to the number. The public Seek updates the database every 24 hours to give accurate data.


It’s another famous quality option to carry out a reverse phone lookup. The homepage site of this CocoFinder has a reverse lookup tab. It’s this tab that makes everything simple. From the reverse lookup tab, you enter the phone number you need to search. The software will search in the various digital footprints and public records.

The report will include address, email, person’s identity, associated relatives, and friends. The social media profiles and alternate phone numbers are also part of the results.

The advanced algorithm uses a more extensive database of data matching technology. You will be able to find the number you are searching for in the system. The fast servers are a future generation technology investment of CocoFinder. Together with quality servers, it delivers the users with an immediate result turnout.


It’s a perfect option when looking for a free phone number lookup service. It’s compatible with landlines, mobile phone numbers, email addresses, and also unpublished numbers. The SpyDialer is free to use. Its report includes names linked to the number and all public photos related to it.

It has free reverse phone lookup. It provides the same information on direct websites like yellow and white pages.


It’s a perfect resource to do a reverse phone number lookup. It can also help in running background reports to uncover criminal records. It aids to get any other public data that is essential. The information includes address, full name, and online activity. The data also has social media profiles and all photos linked to the number.

The cell phone location tracker can check online activities. It can scan the cell phone location. It aids in discovering all online activities made by the phone owner. The web search extends the reverse phone lookup services to accommodate the deep web.

It enables it to uncover the hidden connections to recurring scams. It will expose the social media secret accounts.


It’s pretty aggravating to have a voicemail inbox full of many mystery callers. It’s common when most unsolicited calls are streaming from devious scams. A reverse phone lookup service is an excellent opportunity to know who owns the number.

There are many free severe phone number lookup services available today. Search for the most appropriate one to use.

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