10 Things to Consider Before Launching a New App

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10 Things to Consider Before Launching a New App

There are millions of apps on the app stores since their origin. Only a few of them got good exposure among the users. Nowadays, most of the app developers make their app and directly upload on app stores without any marketing plans. This is the worst mistake that developers make.

The Internet is on the boom. People are always ready for the trail of new apps that can provide them value. According to Statista, there will be 3.8 billion smartphone users by 2021. Getting exposure to them seems difficult but with the marketing strategy, it can be easier. Here, we have mentioned the 10 things to consider by every app developer before launching a new app.

1. Determine the Principles of the App

In a crowded market, only a few can attract huge audiences. From the beginning stage, you should stay concerned about the principles of the creation of an app. You should be sure for which target audience your app will be made.

Another principle is what benefits could users get from the app. You should be pretty sure from the beginning about the earning source of the app. Will you show ads to earn or sell features of the app through subscription?

2. Observe Your Buyers

Observing the needs and psychology of the app users is essential to make a great app. For this, you can visit the same apps like yours in the stores. There you can read the reviews of the users, both positive and negative. Utilize the negative reviews to avoid the same mistake as theirs on your app. Again, use positive reviews of the users to add similar features to your apps.

Observe the needs and wills of your possible buyers to make your app adequate than others. Try to communicate with the possible buyers about their experience of using such apps. Ask them for suggestions regarding the betterment of the app.

3. Identify Your Competitors

Only in rare cases, you won’t see any competitors. In such cases, you’re super lucky but if there is competition, you must have to identify it. Use the competitor’s apps and compare the features, speed, layout, etc. with yours. Studying competitors also includes studying their app designs, websites, maintenance period, updates and bugs, etc.

Studying competitors is the most important factor to focus on to win over them in the long run. Study their critics because there is a high chance that people who don’t like their app layout will surely visit similar apps. In this way, users who don’t like competitor’s apps can be your future customers.

4. Make Engaging App Interface

After all the research and blueprint of the app. It’s time to develop the app. People love to spend their time on quality apps. User experience(UX) of your app must be good enough to keep them engaging. The good app and bad app are distinguished by the quality of their user interface.

When you decide to make an app then, you should be clear about the app design and layouts. The main features of the app should be on the dashboard or near the dashboard of the app. Don’t be hesitate to hire an app design agency if you need to. There are a bunch of world-class app design agencies out there you can hire. As people value their time, your app should not take time to load or laggy to use. Make your app easy to navigate manually for the users.

Many things make a good engaging app. Good loading speed, mobile optimization, familiar screen, constant color combinations are the signs of engaging apps.

5. Get Pre-Feedbacks

Once the app is ready, it’s time to get pre-feedbacks from the users. You can send your game for a trial to users, like your friends and staff. It is important to eliminate all the bugs and problems before launching the game.

This process could take more time because of the initial problems of the app. Pre-feedbacks can help to test the usability of a particular feature and update it. It can also encourage adding new features or the new updated features in the app.

6. Develop Your Marketing Strategy

Today competition is so raised that your app won’t reach the audience without any marketing strategy. Marketing an app is as important as creating an app. It helps to connect our app with possible audiences.

Every people and company have their marketing strategies. Some prefer marketing through social media apps while some prefer to advertise through influencers. Some also like to advertise through affiliate marketing, where they give rewards to each user who invites new users into the app. But the main goal remains the same, reaching the audience.

7. Create Trailers

Creating app trailers help to increase the awareness of the app. It gives well information about the app to visitors. Created app trailers can be used in app stores, websites, advertisements, and so on. Many users like to watch the app trailer before actually trying it. So it is an important task to create an informative and engaging trailer for the app.

As it is a trailer, it is recommended to keep it short as possible, a maximum one minute trailer is considered good. In the trailer, highlight all the best features of your app so they can show interest in it.

8. Develop Website And Social Media Handles

Another important thing to consider before launching a new app is the creation of its website. Website is important to directly engage with the users and recognize their thoughts of the app. A website should contain several tutorials and blogs to instruct people about it.

Another big benefit of having a website for the app is that you can build the trust of the people. You can show your app insights and show them how big names are connected with your app. Social media accounts also help to keep engaging with audiences on different platforms. Once people will start getting the trust of your app, they will surely like to engage with you on social media.

9. Select a Store for the App

Once everything is completely fine. Now you have to choose where you will submit your app. You can choose Google play store, App store, or any other third party store. You can also submit your app to most of the stores.

You should submit the app as per your targeted audience and marketing strategies. It will be a better strategy if you submit your app to a single store at the beginning stage. It can help to save money and get a better time for its management.

10. Plan Your Release Date

Once your all strategies are perfectly worked. It’s time to plan the releasing date of the app. You can choose the best date when most people could use your app. Launching games on any special occasion can also be a good marketing strategy. According to the releasing date, you should promote your game to get quick users at the very beginning stage.

Final Words

In the article, we have discussed the 10 things to consider before launching an app. Always make an app that can give proper value to the users. Sooner or later, valuable apps always get a good response. Build your app strategy and work hard on it until you get success.

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