15 Great Time-Tracking Apps to Boost Your Productivity

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15 Great Time-Tracking Apps to Boost Your Productivity

A good time management is one of keys to become successful with your business. If you manage your time properly you will have more things done in a day.

The problem is, managing working time has never been easy since there are so many temptations around us. Just be honest. It’s not easy to prevent your self from accessing Facebook while working. Right?.

One of the things that you can do for a better time management is by evaluating how did you spent your working hours in a day. How long you accessing a certain site and how long you really do your tasks. But, how you can measure it?

That’s the role of time-tracking app. This kind of app helps you recording your activities and will give a report to be evaluated later. Not only yours. If you are a project manager or a business owner with some employees you can also track the activities of those working with you.

There are a number of time-tracking apps available on the web. Each uses a different approach in helping you tracking time you spent. This article is going to show you the list of best time-tracking apps available on the web, starting from free to paid ones.

1. Time Doctor

Time Doctor is an awesome web based time tracking app offering all the remote productivity monitoring features like time tracking, screenshot monitoring, apps and website tracking, automatic idle time detection. It also generates various time tracking reports which can be accessed from a remote location. The visual reports make it easier to monitor the productivity of the remote teams as well as individuals.

Available in 4 languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian), it can be used on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Chromebook, IOS & Android. It also offers great integrations with more than 32 best apps.

2. TopTracker

TopTracker is a cross-platform time-tracking app, available for major desktop-based operating systems from MacOS, Windows to Linux. Web version is also available if you don’t want to install any additional app in your machine. The tool is available for free and comes with a number of useful features such as timer screenshots, webcam shots etc. You can use this tool with no limits to the number of users, clients, or projects.

TopTracker comes with a centralized view of all projects. Whether you’re a manager looking for ways to improve your team’s performance or a freelancer integrating into a team remotely and looking to optimize your productivity, information on TopTracker is always clearly laid out and easy to digest.

3. DeskTime

If you are looking for time-tracking app for monitoring your remote team, DeskTime is one of the good stops. With this tool you can check how your team member spend their working hours. Is they really work or just wasting time. The tool will analyze your team members’s productivity in real time. It tracks mouse and keyboard clicks to see when an employee is working or having a break.

DeskTime is also available for major desktop-based operating systems including MacOS, Windows and Linux. Furthermore, the DeskTime also offers mobile apps for iPhone and Android. You can also use this tool for free. Paid version is also available of you need something more.

4. TMetric

TMetric is another freemium app with the focus to help you tracking your team activities. Free version of this app is limited to just 5 member while the paid version — which is started from $3 a month — can be used to track the activities of unlimited members. With this tool you can edit your working hours, create new tasks, switch tasks and a lot more. The tool will also give the detail reports over the tasks and projects your have.

To get the more of TMetric you can also integrate it with project management services like Trello and Basecamp. TMetric is available for web and desktop only. Desktop version is limited to Windows.

5. Freckle

Freckle is a fully premium time-tracking app. So, if you want to use this app just be sure you have a good enough balance. Because, the pricing plan of this tool is expensive enough. For just a single user you will be billed $19 a month. Of course, you can start with a free trial to find out how good this app is.

Freckle focused on simplifying the process of time-tracking. There is a timer inside, just like in any other app, but you can also add manual entries. This tool seems like is best suited for companies with a massive employees.

6. Tick

Tick is another paid time-tracking tool but, it comes with a different approach of billing. You will only pay for a project you create in Tick, instead of member. Tick’s price depends on the number of projects you work on at a certain period of time. The pricing plan of Tick ranges from $0 to $149 depending on the number of projects. The time-tracking app comes with a useful timecard with a calendar to see your time at one place.

You can also integrate Tick with other online-based productivity tools like Trello, Bascamp, QuickBooks and a lot more. Tick is available in Chrome extension. Which means you can run the app no matter your operating system is. As long as you have Google Chrome installed on your machine. Tick is also available in mobile device (iPhone and Android). You can even access this tool from your Apple Watch.

7. Harvest

Harvest is a good time-tracking app for freelancers. You can also utilize this tool for a collaborative project which involving some colleagues. However, you need to subscribe to the paid plan as its free plan is only available for a single user for two projects. You can use this tool for assigning various tasks within a project to specific team members. Harvest can also be integrated with other collaboration tools to make it more convenient. The services that are supported by Harvest include Basecamp, Trello, Apollo, Grapple and a lot more.

Apart from web you can also access Harvest from mobile device (Android and iPhone), Chrome extension and Mac.

8. RescueTime

If you are looking for time-tracking app to track your personal habit at work, RescueTime is probably something you are looking for. With this handy tool you learn how you spend you working hours a day and evaluate it later without having to give any report to your manager or boss. RescueTime will give you detailed reports and an accurate picture of how you spend your days, but only to quench your own personal curiosity.

RescueTime is available as freemium app. You can use both version of this app, free or premium. Depends on your need. You can install this app on your Windows, Mac, Linux and Android.

9. Toggl

Another great freemium cross-platform time-tracking app for tracking personal habit during working hours. Toggl is a suitable tool for freelancers who want to learn how productive they are. Reports generated with Toggl are easy on the eyes, and it tracks your work in real time. Premium version if Toggl is also available if you are a project manager and want tracks the activities of your team member.

Toggl is available for nearly all platform whether it’s mobile or desktop. The platforms that are supported by this service include Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iPhone. Additionally, Toggl is also available as a Chrome extension and Firefox add-on. You can also integrate this tool with other services.

10. Hubstaff

Hubstaff is another great time-tracking app for both personal and collective use. The collective use of this app is priced based on team’s size, not the number of projects you have open. The free version of this app is more than enough to just tracking your activities during working hours. So, if you are a freelancer who is looking for a time-tracking app for personal evaluation then Hubstaff is not a bad choice. The free version of this app contains three major features including time-tracking, screenshots and activity levels.

You don’t have to open this app all day long in your browser as it’s also available for desktop and mobile. The desktop platforms that are supported by this app include Mac, Windows and Linux while in the mobile area this tool is available for iPhone and Android.

11. Timely

Another time-tracking app that is suitable for both personal and team use. Timely is a fully paid app so you have no chance to use this app for free. You will be given a 14-days trial to find out how far this tool can help you tracking your time for both personal and collective evaluation. This app can work in the background, so you don’t have to keep on checking if it’s tracking or not.

You can use Timely on your Android and iPhone devices. While in desktop this app is only available for Mac only. No other operating systems are supported.

12. Everhour

As described on its website, Everhour is an employee tracking software. So, this tool is great for tracking your employee’s performances based on time they spent in the working hours. For now, Everhour is only available on the web browser extension. No desktop and mobile app is offered by this tool.

Everhour is also a fully paid tool. You have no chance to use this tool unless tying it for 14 days in the free trial period. This tool can also be integrated with other tools like Trello, BaseCamp and GitHub.

13. ClickTime

You may run some projects at the same time. If you are looking for a tool to track how long spend your time on each project (and task), ClickTime probably is something you need. You can also use this tool for tracking time your spent with a certain client and employee. ClickTime is best to be used for business instead of personal use. However, it doesn’t mean that freelancer can’t use this tool.

ClickTime uses a different approach in helping tracking your time. The tool doesn’t offer any desktop app but mobile version is available for iPhone and Android devices. The tool also supports integration. No free version is offered by ClickTime.

14. Dashable

Dashable is best suited for a business use. This tracking-time app has been developed specifically for agency. The tool work by asking your team to submit their timesheets, and send an email each day asking your team to verify what they worked on and fill in any blanks. When you get to work each morning, you will be greeted with a personalized report that shows exactly what got done yesterday, how much billable time was logged, and what this means for your agency.

Dashable also supports integration. Since it’s designed for business, the pricing plans are also high enough, starting from $79 per month for 6 members. Each plan comes with a 14-days free trial.

15. Timecamp

Timecamp is another app great for every freelancer who is looking for a free time-tracking app for personal evaluation. This is another cross-platform app that will help you increase your productivity by letting you learn how you spend your working hours. Is you really productive or just wasting time.

Timecamp is also a good alternative for a small agency as it’s also offers a paid plan with a low price. You can install this tool on your desktop whether it’s Windows, Mac or Linux (Ubuntu). Android and iPhone are also supported by this handy tool. What about integration? You can get it too.

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