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How to Use Pocket to Manage Bookmarks Online

Pocket is one of the best answers if you often work with different web browsers (or even devices) and save a bunch of bookmarks. It allows you to save the bookmarks online and access them from anywhere across devices. It’s a kind of a connecting bridge between web browsers since it’s impossible to have the same bookmarks in different browsers without a third party app.

Pocket itself is an online bookmarking tool owned by Mozilla, the organization behind Firefox web browser. It’s not mere a bookmarking tool. If you install it on smartphone, Pocket can also be used as a read-it-later app.

Since Pocket has become the Mozilla family, you are no longer need to install it on Firefox. It has become a default feature on Firefox. If you use Google Chrome, you can download the extension of Pocket here. In addition, Pocket is also available on smartphone. As I mentioned, the application of Pocket on smartphone can be used as a read-it-later app.

Adding new bookmarks to Pocket

Before being able to add bookmarks in Pocket, the very first thing you need to do is creating a Pocket account first. You can create one by visiting the Pocket site or by tapping the Sign Up with Email button on mobile app.

Once you done creating a Pocket account, you can start adding new bookmarks. To make everything easier, it’s highly recommended to install the Pocket extension on your web browser. That way, you can add new bookmarks from any web page without needing to open the Pocket website.

  • Via browser extension

Assuming that you have installed Pocket on your web browser, you can add new bookmarks from any web page by simply clicking the Pocket icon. In Firefox, you can find the icon on the search bar, while in Chrome, the icon is available on the icon bar.

  • Via web app

If you prefer to add new bookmarks via web app, which means you need to visit the Pocket website and login with your account every time you want to add one, there is no bad at all. To add a new bookmark, you can click the plus button at the top bar and paste the URL of the web page you want to add the bookmark of.

  • Via mobile app

If you have a Pocket app installed on your smartphone, you will be able to add a new bookmark from anywhere. Say you find an interesting article on Twitter and want to add it to Pocket. To do so, click the share menu (usually three-line icon) and you should see Pocket on the app list. Simply select Pocket and the article has been added to it.

Making use of tags to organize your bookmarks

Unlike Instapaper which allows you to create folders to put together bookmarks with the same topic for easier discovery, Pocket doesn’t have the same feature. If you really want your bookmarks be organized, there is another way you can use thanks to tagging system. You can add a tag every time you add a new bookmark. By default, Pocket has no tags, but you can create one yourself.

To create a tag, login to Pocket on web and hover your mouse over one of the bookmarks you have and select Edit Tags icon.

Give the tag a name and save it. Once you have several tags on your Pocket account, you can use them every time you add a new bookmark. This way, your bookmarks will be more organized and easier to find.

Deleting bookmarks

If you think that you have too much bookmarks on your Pocket account, you can simply delete the ones you don’t expect anymore. To delete a bookmark, you can hover your mouse to the bookmark you want to delete. Several buttons will appear every time you hover your mouse over a bookmark. Amongst other are delete button, share button, favorite button, archive button and tag button. Simply select the delete button to delete a bookmark.

Performing a bulk edit

To ease your job in managing your bookmarks, Pocket also allows you to perform a bulk edit. You can take advantage of the feature to perform certain act to several bookmarks at once. For instance, you can delete several bookmarks at once in a single click. To do so, simply click the Bulk Edit button and select the bookmarks you want to delete (or other acts).

Final words

Pocket is a great tool to manage bookmarks online. It is one of the answers if you want to have the same bookmarks across different web browsers. Pocket itself is a freemium tool with the premium version allows you to use the tool without seeing ads. If there there is something missed on this article, you can let me know by mentioning on the comment section.

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  1. With premium version you can have unlimited highlights which is a nice feature of the service.

    I’m a pocket user from many years ago and one use I give nowadays is to fill my company social media profiles schedule. Using Zapier, I sync pocket bookmarks in a Trello card, and then send them to Hootsuite for scheduling.

    Everyday love pocket even more 😀

    Nice article, BTW


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