9 Useful Tools You Can Use to Boost Your Work Productivity

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9 Useful Tools You Can Use to Boost Your Work Productivity

The world today is no longer as it was five years back. There is rapid progress like work. Specifically, the pandemic sped up our obvious transition to a virtual or remote work arrangement. As part of efforts to prevent the spread, lots of companies have relocated to virtual offices. And certain tools have been developed to help us deliver optimal results.

Although the new developments came with some challenges, they also introduced some positive developments. As many organizations have come to adopt the idea of employing both onsite and off-site.

So, let’s talk about the tools businesses and organizations need to work efficiently. Here, we have five categories of tools that are vital and very essential for the smooth running of organizations.

1. GogoPDF

This is a tool that helps you convert word documents to PDF files. It can compress, merge and split and convert any pdf document back to word. So instead of spending time arranging your word file over and over simply because you have to share, GogoPDF does this within as much as a few seconds.

Simply use GogoPDF to convert Word doc to PDF and vice versa. You can decide to grant permission to anyone you wish, to edit it. It doesn’t store your data. When you are done using the data, it automatically deletes it.

2. Trello

When you start using Trello, it will be quite challenging to work without it as almost everyone that ever used it got accustomed to it. You can write any task or assignment you want whether you list your goals, give your team information on classes, post articles, or documents.

In real-time, you get to see who is doing what, what tasks are completed, and what still needs to be done. You can even divide Trello up by project or subject matter, or any other way you work best. It is very easy to use, has checklists, due dates, sends notifications, and is free.

3. Google Hangouts

Since the pandemic, so many companies have come to adopt remote work, and many employees want to work remotely these days, this software has evolved to help everyone get their job done with ease.

Google Hangouts will be beneficial for your team especially if they are working remotely. By connecting with others on Google Hangouts you can participate in video conferencing, group conference calls, and screen sharing.

4. Slack

This is another tool for communicating with team members. It helps you communicate with everyone at once. You can set up as many channels as possible within Slack that pertain to specific jobs or clients, helping you to organize information.

Within Slack, you can set reminders, tag people, and add links that will bring team members directly to a document you’d like them to see.

Once you download the app on your phone or have it on your desktop, you’ll get alerts when someone has posted to a channel that you’re part of, so you don’t have to keep checking for messages.

5. Google Drive

Another cloud-based software that you can use to organize and store your files is Google Drive. So when you change or edit a file on a document stored on the drive, it will automatically change it everywhere, eliminating confusion and disruption in tracking different versions. Plus, you can use any device to access your files in Drive.

6. Toggl

Founded in 2006, it provides online time tracking software for freelancers, graphic designers, and consultants.

With Toggl, you can keep track of the time you spend on various tasks and review if you’ve spent your time wisely.

It is not limited to one device as it works simultaneously on PCs, phones, or tablets while still keeping track of time. It is an intuitive and easy-to-use service that provides users with the tools they need to keep track of time.


The meaning of it is – If This Then That, also known as IFTTT, is a free web-based service. Also, when it comes to connection, IFTTT is the best place. It helps users save time by automating the internet tasks that you always do. For instance, you can store all your media files in a cloud account. The pre-built applets, the utility program that performs one or a few single functions, which performs all your most common tasks.

8. Beeminder

Beeminder is a motivation tool that helps users see goals and set measurable targets. For example, if it is about going to the gym, spending less time on social media, learning a new language, investing time in a project with a deadline, this app is right for you.

9. Evernote

Founded in 2000, it has become a household name. The app allows keeping your files on various platforms. You can do tasks, create images, pages, etc. It has a built-in searchable option. You can organize and customize the notes in whatever way you want for a stressless experience.

The truth about working remotely

In one survey, 99 percent of remote employees agreed that they want to work remotely at least once for the rest of their careers. And why not, when remote work can offer employees better work/life balance, provide a sense of autonomy, and save a great deal of stress especially when you consider how frustrating the morning commute is.

However, remote work arrangements aren’t that simple. They need time to work out efficiently and they require a lot of effort to be maintained over a long period. Workers need to know the tools they can use to work easily and these companies must also provide the needed tools. If the right technology is not in place, both remote work and onsite work can quickly become aggravating and annoying experiences for employees.

In Conclusion

These are productivity tools that will help you organize your work life, so make sure to take advantage of them. Regardless of your profession, automating and organizing your life around digital tools is essential to your work and wellbeing. It’s important to maximize your time to complete tasks in a timely fashion.

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