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How to Watch YouTube Videos Without Ads With VLC

Can you count how many videos are uploaded to YouTube in a day? Countless. Right?. YouTube is the best place to go for videos.

You can either watch the YouTube videos from web browser by going to or using a third party app. You read it correctly. You can also use a third party app to enjoy your favorite YouTube videos. VLC is one of the tools that you can use.

Watching YouTube videos with this kind of app is fun. You don’t have to dealing with ads. If you are disturbed by ads then you can see Youtube Summary also. In VLC, you can enjoy YouTube video by copying the full URL of each video and paste it to VLC.

Reasons to watch YouTube videos with VLC

There are two common advantages of watching YouTube videos with VLC. First — as I mentioned — you don’t have to see any ads. Normally, you should see an ads at the beginning of the video you are watching. If you watch a long video, you will also see an (or more) ads again in the middle of the video. It is sucks, of course. But, it’s a consequence of a free service like YouTube. Watching a YouTube video with VLC you will free of ads.

The second one, you will not be disturbed by annoying related videos. Yes, related videos is not too bad idea actually. But, it sometimes can lead us to less focus in enjoying a video.

How to watch YouTube videos with VLC

  • Search your favorite video on YouTube and copy its full URL. It should looks like “”
  • Open your VLC media player and go to Menu –> Open Network Stream. Or simply press the CTR+N button. Paste your YouTube video URL to the available column and click Play.

Now you can watch your video freely without any distraction from annoying ads.

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