Simple Steps to Access Your Yahoo Inbox with Thunderbird

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Simple Steps to Access Your Yahoo Inbox with Thunderbird

Not everyone impressed with the default web-based email client offered by major email services like Gmail and Yahoo. Once registered, some people prefer to access their inbox via a desktop-based app from a third party.

Thunderbird is one of the great examples of third party desktop email client apps. It’s developed by the community at Mozilla and has been around for more than a decade. Thunderbird is available for major platform including Windows, Mac and Linux. You can use this app for managing your existing email accounts whether it’s Gmail or Yahoo. More interestingly, you can add multiple email accounts in Thunderbird.

If you are a Yahoo user and want to access your inbox(es) with Thunderbird, here’s how.

In your Yahoo page

Before being able to access your Yahoo inbox with Thunderbird, a bit setting is required in your Yahoo page. So please login with your Yahoo account. Once logged in click on the gear icon that it located at the top-right corner and choose Account Info.

On the next page select the Account security from the sidebar and turn on the Allow apps that use less secure sign in option by sliding the button.

In your Thunderbird

Now please launch your Thunderbird on your desktop and click the Edit menu and choose Account Settings.

On the next window click the Account Actions and choose Add Mail Account from the dropdown option.

On the next window fill out all the columns. You can type any name at the Your name section, not should be the same to your Yahoo’s name. Click the Continue button once filled all the columns.

On the next window you can choose which protocol you prefer to. Thunderbird offers two protocols, IMAP and POP 3 (stored on your computer). Click the Done button once you selected your option.

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