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This App Turns YouTube Into a Desktop Music Player

YouTube is the first stop for anyone who want to watch video from any genre. Some people also rely on YouTube every time they want to listen to a new music from their favorite artists. Today, most artists from around the world have their own YouTube channel to let the fans now every time they release a new stuff.

By the way, did you ever think of to listen musics from YouTube in a desktop app?.

YouTube hasn’t had an official desktop app so far and the service seems has no plan to develop this kind of app. But, there are third parties that develop a desktop app for YouTube to enable YouTube fans to enjoy videos and musics without having to open YouTube in web browser and deal with annoying ads. If you are looking for an app like this then you can give Headset a try.

Introducing Headset, a desktop music player for YouTube

Headset is a cross-platform app (available for Linux, Windows and Mac) that is dedicated to YouTube users who frequently listen to music on YouTube. Generally, the app is not too different to other desktop music players. The only different is the source of the files. Headset helps you to stream music from YouTube in a cooler way.

Using Headset is easy. No account required (however, you might need it to get the most out of Headset). You just need to type your preferred artist, song or album on the available column and you will get the result you want. Just click on one of the results and Headset will start playing the song for you.

Headset also allows you to save playlists and collect your favorite music. But, you need to create an account first in order being able to do it. Don’t worry, it’s free.

Is it possible to listen to music from YouTube without having to watch the video with this app?. Unfortunately no. It’s a YouTube policy that developers are prohibited to separate audio from video. So, you will still see a video of the song you are listening but in a minimum size and quality so you can also save your bandwidth.

So how, want to give this app a try? Just download it from GitHub.

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