Can Your iPhone Clear App Cache Without Deleting App?

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Can Your iPhone Clear App Cache Without Deleting App?

App cache is one of the major reasons behind storage getting full. It takes up hundreds of gigabytes which slowdowns your device and reduces its performance. Clearing the cache removes any temporary files that the app stores.

But is it necessary to delete apps to clear the cache? No, you are not required to delete apps in order to remove cache and free up space on the computer. But how can your iPhone clear app cache without deleting app?

The article explains several viable ways that allow you to clear the app cache without deleting the apps from the iPhone. These tips are particularly helpful if you want to claim some extra gigabytes on storage media without losing any files or reinstalling any program.

Let’s first understand what app cache is and how it builds up automatically.

What Is iPhone App Cache?

App cache, in general, is a temporary memory where the entire app data, image, or website that you have visited recently gets stored on your iPhone. Cache files give you a faster browsing experience and save the time that you spend waiting for data to upload.

For example, when you visit a website, the app cache stores URL information, including the images and other components. Next time when you visit the same website, the computer uploads data from the cache, which improves your browsing experience.

Over time, the app cache builds up dramatically and starts consuming considerable space on storage media. Clearing the cache becomes necessary to speed up device performance. Deleting the cache will not have any negative impact on the device as it builds up automatically.

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There are three simple ways to remove the app cache from the iPhone. Let’s understand these methods to clear the iPhone cache.

Restart Your iPhone

If your iPhone is sluggish and you believe that excessive cache build-up is responsible for the slow performance of your phone, consider clearing the cache. Restarting the iPhone can be a viable way to resume its proper functioning.

As a preliminary fix, you must restart your iPhone, as any active app will close down in the process, which clears the app cache. So, if you want to clear the cache to improve your iPhone’s performance, reboot the device and notice the change.

To restart your iPhone 10, 11, 12, or 13, press and hold down the side button and the volume button until the power-off slider appears. Drag the slider and wait for 30 seconds to allow the iPhone to turn off. To turn it back on, press and hold down the button on the right and wait for the Apple logo to appear.

Clear Cache from Safari App

The most common and rapidly growing cache on the iPhone is the browser cache. You might be using Safari as your default browser app, so before you move on to any paid solutions, clear Safari cache to fix functional issues.

Web browser cache aims to speed up your browsing experience by saving the files that your system needs later. This prevents time and internet bandwidth as you don’t have to download the files again. Downloading cached data can slow down your system.

To clear Safari cache without deleting the app, click on the Settings app and tap Safari. Select Clear History and Website Data and then tap on the Clear History and Data option in the confirmation box. So, that’s how devices like the iPhone clear app cache without deleting app.

Clear Cache from Third-Party Apps

If you want to clear cache data without deleting the apps, using a third-party app can be a potential solution to do the task. Deleting cache by visiting every individual app can be hectic as you will need to repeat the same process several times.

For a more effective solution, you can consider deleting apps that you no longer need. Now, uninstall these apps one by one from the hard drive. Don’t forget to empty the trash to remove data permanently from the storage media.

When downloading a third-party app from the web, make sure to get it from a legitimate website. Avoid clicking any suspicious links to prevent malware intrusion or losing your confidential data.

Reinstall Apps to Clear Cache

If restarting the iPhone or removing cache files in a particular app doesn’t help much in improving iPhone’s performance, reinstall the apps on iPhone. Try this solution after attempting the above-mentioned ways to remove cache files.

This requires you to delete the app and immediately reinstall it from the iPhone App Store. Most importantly, you will need to figure out which app is consuming the most space on storage media. To do this, go to Settings, click General, and then tap iPhone Storage.

In the iPhone Storage window, select any app and then check out the Document and Data line. This displays how much volume the document and data for the selected app are consuming. Next, select the Delete app. Once the app is deleted, re-download it from the app store.

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